public age regression


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has anyone used age regression while out in public with your CG?
I've dabbled a little bit with a little.

I think that less is more with this sort of thing, very much a private bit of fun.
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Less is definately more, my mummy a few times has told me off said she’d spank me right there if I didn’t behave but the thought of it was enough so I’ve never been brave enough to push it 😂
Also she will hold my hand “to stop me running off” but to outsiders were just a couple holding hands it’s enough to make you feel little without pushing it onto other or making anyone uncomfortable
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I've never regressed publicly on purpose. It comes out in "little" bursts sometimes when something strikes me right. Usually just a burst of me being super excited or bashful about something- it brings out little me for a moment.

😅 I did throw a mini tantrum once when I went shopping with a friend. She promised me a treat when we were done. She took me all over town, it was taking forever! 😤 I got huffy and kicked a shelf of hair dye, knocking over a bunch of product on the floor, and started stomping away. She scolded me and made me clean it up. I don't know what came over me. :ROFLMAO: We still laugh about that one. I really couldn't help myself regressing in the moment.
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