PSA: Standards In Mature Topics

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When this forum was created, I said this:
This forum is for the discussion of mature topics such as politics, philosophy, and other serious matters.
While this forum has debates, and discussions of sensitive issues, we ask that the discussion remain at a PG-13 standard.
The ADISC rules apply at all times.

Take special care to avoid personal attacks, and be sure to proofread your posts.
When proofreading, take care to consider what impression other people may get from reading them.
Recently, there was a thread which was on the wrong side of this standard. I ended up having to reply to it myself, and explain why this is so, before closing it.

Many forums ban all discussion of controversial topics, including politics of any kind. I don't want to do that. I want a forum where people can talk about difficult, even controversial, things, but do so in a polite and thoughtful tone, as civilized adults are meant to act. I believe that we can debate ideas, without attacking people.

It it is up to you all, posters on the forum, to prove me right. By all means debate ideas, but avoid posting anything that other people will interpret as a slight on who they are. Such posts/threads will be deleted, and repeated offenders may find their access limited. All posters here are required to be polite, and refrain from personal attacks. Hence the "mature" in "mature topics".
Not open for further replies.