PSA: Account Security


As a reminder to all members, here are the things you SHOULD be doing to ensure that your account is secure:
  1. Don't use the same password on ADISC as you do on ANY other website or service. If you struggle to remember unique passwords for every website/service, then use a password manager like BitWarden to manage them for you. If you struggle with generating unique, random passwords that aren't based on common words, use the password manager's generation function to create secure passwords for you.
  2. Do take advantage of ADISC two-step login. At the very least, enable 'email' based two-step login, and trust your main PC/phone that you sign in on. That way, you'll be asked to confirm via email if signing in from a device you've never used before.
  3. Don't use a VPN, or any other service which routes all your requests through someone else's server, and/or which enables a third party to disable your encryption.
  4. If you have your Discord account linked with ADISC, then enable two-factor authentication (under 'my account', in Discord settings) as well.
  5. If you notice an account that registered many years ago, but which has suddenly started posting spam or other obviously against-the-rules stuff after several years of inactivity, then please report it with the report reason 'potentially compromised account'. That way it serves as a reminder to our moderators to look at it with that in mind.
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