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After seeing people mention them on this site, I was looking to get some PROTECBriefs (, since they seem like great protection against leaks, especially because I like to use my diapers to their breaking (or should it be leaking) point.

I was wondering about the sizing though, if other people have had experience with them. I fall in the waist and hip measurements of large, but my thighs might be in the XL range by about 1-2in. Although I am not sure where to measure on my thigh, if I am even measuring correctly.
If you were between sizes based on waist and hip, I'd suggest going for the larger one. If the briefs are too tight, they might press out the diaper when you sit down, defeating the purpose. This is especially true if you're pushing diapers to their breaking point. But since you're in the lower range based on waist and hip, it's a tougher call.

Reasons why it should be OK to go larger:
  • The belt might be too large in that case, but it only has a small length of velcro anyway, and it's not very strong. I never use it. I just tie the two flaps together in front in a square knot, because I like the belt tight. If you wanted something sleeker, you could use a large diaper pin.

  • The legs may be loose, but they don't have to be form fitting to do their job. In fact, I like the air circulation, and the legs still absorb leaks.

  • You'll be encouraged to use thicker diapers and boosters to fill the space, and that can't be a bad thing. :)
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I suggest you size up, maybe even two sizes up. I went of by waist (based on pant size), and while one size up fits me, it's tight and I wish it were bigger and more comfortable as a result. Plus what Willford384 said is true about sizing up.
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