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This popped up in my "new steam groups" tab and thought it might be of some interest here. Project Patch looks to be a support group that centers itself around gaming. From their reddit page: said:
Welcome to Project Patch!

We are a community of gamers who will accept you no matter what game system you use, no matter your gender, no matter your age, race or religion. This is a community for people who struggle with depression, anxiety, suicide and anything else. We are here to be supportive, whether you need someone to talk to or just want to play a game or two.

All we ask is that you show everyone the respect they deserve and treat them like the people they are. We do not tolerate any rude and/or destructive actions.

While it seems a little ambitious to say they are a support community to help people who struggle with anything (I can see the ABDL aspect to have a little bit of issues fitting into anything), The general premise seems awesome and a really good way for people with depression and other struggles to meet and talk.

To anybody interested, here are the links:
Sounds like a great idea to find some people to play with some cheerful games, while trying to be a supportive... Or perhaps also playing some horror games to get frightened together and still have some fun. :)

Besides... why not? I think it's worth a try. At least you've got a community where you can spend some time with people that got the same problems. As anyway, some games have proven to have a positive effect for people that suffer from depression, PTSD and so on.
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