Professional Mommy: Anyone ever tried one? Pros and Cons?


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Have been giving this concept some serious thought, even though I know we're forking out serious cash here. I have not yet told my Therapist about this idea. I wanted to get some tips from All of Us first. Even if you've NEVER attempted this, I would like to read your opinion. I looked, maybe not far enough, but I could not find this topic addressed before. What sayest all of Thou?
I don’t know what your looking to spend but I have had good luck finding people who are willing to do ABDL with pics for a small fee. I have had guys wear Toddler plastic baby pants and push them around in a baby stroller. These guys are super Hot and the muscular jock type. It seems that most guys are willing to do this for 60 dollars but I have paid as much as 80 dollars for something like this. I have my posting on a few apps and just wait for people to contact me to set up a date and time. I think a lot of people will do something they are comfortable with for a small fee.