Problem With a Canadian Incontinence Product Retailer

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I ordered some inexpensive plastic pants from Medical Supplies Canada also called 2Care4 Medical. While things started out well in that when I received the pants and didn't like them, they offered to replace them with their better waterproof pants, if I paid the difference in price, which are advertised on their website as being made of breathable polyester or ad many of us know it PUL material. Unfortunately that's where the good part ends in that the pants that they had drop shipped to me were not to my liking.

I contacted the owner of that company who I've bought from a while back. I didn't hear back from her for a while and wondered why. It turns out that she was on a cruise. When she did respond to me, she told me that the other lady had ordered the wrong pants for me - another pair of nylon pants rather than the PUL ones. I forwarded her message to 2Care4 Medical and the person there said that she had not ordered the wrong pants and refused any assistance or any more comment.

I had been sending that conversation to the owner of the second company which I'll tell you now is My Lil Miracle, who offered to make things right. She's sending me the pants that I should have received and a packet to return the wrong ones to her. Shealso told me that she would have the other company change the description on their website.

Unfortunately, the desciption has not been changed. Here it is:

Please join me in banning the original company 2Care4 Medical also known as Medical Supplies Canada.

Also support My Lil Miracle if you can. They are the company that bought Gabby's who some of you may remember. Their website address is

I would be interested in hearing whether anybody has dealt with 2Care4 Medical andbwhat your experience was. It seems to me that what the Care4 is not their customers or the truth but perhaps just their profits.

All the best to you all. I will keep you informed of what happens and promise that my next podting, likely this evening will be on a more pleasant note. Anyone interested in learning how to kerp cloth diapers like new even after a number of washings?

Well I have some good news. The owner of My Lil Miracle wrote me either Friday or Saturday and I read the message late Friday afternoon. She told me that she is going to attempt ti have the company that I originally bought the PUL pants from 2Care4 Medical pay her for the pants that she.sent to me. I believe she is responsible to pay for the pants thatbwere described on her company's website. I really don't want a credit with her company which is what will happen if she won't pay for the pants and I have to pay My Lil Miracle for the pants that I wanted.
Well, I don't know whether anyone is following this thread but things worked out in my favor only because of My Lul Miracle. Please support them if you're in the market for any non-dispisible incontinence products. She has a terrific line of top quality diapers and plastic pants, most of which used to sell under the name Gabby's. Also, please continue to boycott 2Care4. Medical who I'm not sur what they care about but it's not happy customers.
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