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Favourite Prints/Patterns for Little wear?

  • Plain Block Colours

    Votes: 6 7.2%
  • Teddy Bears

    Votes: 15 18.1%
  • Fairies and/or Princesses

    Votes: 15 18.1%
  • Animals

    Votes: 17 20.5%
  • Transport - Trains, Planes, Spaceships etc.

    Votes: 20 24.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 10 12.0%

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Yay, a poll! Gigglemuffinz will be pleased.

Anyway - I was thinking today about patterns for AB clothes & accessories, and realised that I frequently tend to go for things which are teddy related. I have a bib with teddies on, a bear t-shirt which says Teddy Time on it, and another similar one with a smiley bear which says Unbearably Cute. There's also the small matter of my beloved Winnie the Pooh sippy bottle!

I do, however, also like things with train or spaceship prints, and I have a few animal onesies. So, what are everyone's very favourite type of prints & patterns for Little time clothes? :)
I love fairies and princesses! Girly fairy tale prints are the best to me!
Teddies usually since that tends to be very baby like. I am very girly and love the color pink, but fairies and princesses are not my thing.

It also highly depends on my mood I guess. Other animals that are cute can work too.
I went other as I like just about anything pink and girly. But I also like Pooh or Mickey stuff also.
Planes...........enough said >.>
Anything with lions or tigers.
Anything space related is a win for me. Stars, planets, galaxies, spaceships, comets, meteors, asteroids, etc, I would enjoy very much.
I love princesses and Barbie. I just got a Barbie dish set the other day and I'm so happy with it :D
Cute n adorable,thats whats special
I like butterfly's
This was a tough one. I checked animals because I love baby things with baby animals, but right now I'm wearing my teddy bear design, Jumpin' Jammerz footed jammies. My other pair has duckies on them. My baby pants have dinosaurs, trucks and cars, cupcakes, and animals. If they're little, I love them.
Dinosaurs are always a win, also I'm a big fan of giraffes. But I like some of the girly stuff too, like cupcakes.
I picked Fairies and/or Princesses because I like something girly but really, anything that makes me think baby or toddler is fine.
My stash currently has a mix of Blue's Clues and Nuk's signature blue elephant designs. So, it's not so much a certain kind of design, as much as I'm just a sucker for blue accessories. :p
All I want is a Pinkie Pie themed dipey or a and this sounds super cute, but a dipey with little cute fox wearing pink frilly booties on its feet paws.
I'd like to see a musical notes and musical instruments pattern, a hearts pattern, one with stars, one with balloons, one with bubbles, and one with art supplies, maybe different types of kites, all in girly rainbow colors.
SpAzpieSweeTot said:
I'd like to see a musical notes and musical instruments pattern

I'm am immensely intrigued by this.
Not sure, I love how pampers designs look like, so I would go with cute animals :3 like lions and wolves and their footprint in a cute color combined with pampers design around the leg gathers :eek:
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