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So, I ran through my sampler box from rearz with wild abandon, I even managed to get diapered after my shower before work leaving the house with my padded and powdered self. The wife was either oblivious or made no comments. Now with my new job and no night shift and a not fully accepting wife on this subject, wearing at home while in bed so far is a no go one of us would end up on the couch. Not sure that is best option, I don't want her to feel put out by my fetish. But I liked the selection that the sample pack gave and have now experienced a premium diaper. Those hooks have now been dug in further. Except now I have a problem, I commented to the wife that prints were not really my ideal diaper, after trying the cuddlz brand and the rearz spoiled both of which I enjoyed but they are printed, the cuddlez brand actually has the word baby printed on them. Now I shouldn't be overly worried as she doesn't want to see me diapered(yet) so that is fine but what about finding the stash?
I try to keep them hidden but concealing a sample here and there is easy compared to a bag or case. Now the other problem that I have is that the other diaper that I think would be worth ordering is the confidry. Now this one seamed a little on the thick side along with some crinkle. Enjoyed this diaper, but wearing in public during the day, seams different as compared to a night shift, where I may encounter one or two people. After reading forums is this all in my head would I be found out? I think that I am pretty good at concealment, but do people actully notice? Is there any body with some tips for wearing a thick peremium diaper out while working?
Hello and welcome :)

Might I first say that your post is in need of a few uses of the (line break) enter key.
It makes it much easier for the reader to follow.

Are you worried about being found out in general, or being found out while wearing a printed (more childish looking) diaper?
As for your wife, I'm guessing its a DADT* type thing. If she were to find/see the (more childish looking) diapers it might raise more questions as to your intentions, wants and needs. Well, the argument could simply be made that while you do not prefer such things they are a quality diaper and the more childish look of them is somewhat unavoidable.

*DADT = Don't ask don't tell.

I'm sure there are plenty of others here who can better help with the public wearing concealment/noise problems. :)
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