Prevail® Pull-On Protective Underwear by First Quality

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Has anyone tried these? I am currently using Tena Stretch Super during the day, but the wings shift around (they should be velcroed) when used as a pull-up.
I'd suggest to stay away if you intend to use it
I'd avoid them like the plague.

Not comfortable, and leaky
Thanks, okram.
Only decent pull ons I have ever seen are Abena and unique wellness briefs ones, and to some degree the new always discreet ones. Most others are so loose around the legs that you really shouldn't even bother. I would only look at ones with standing leg gatherers.
I love them!, they feel like normal underwear and I use them at bed time and also for hiking, traveling and camping, they work nice as disposable underwear.
For pull ups, I use the Always Discreet ones in the smallest size they make. I got a sample package of pull-ups from NorthStar a couple of weeks ago, and they are nice also. As for the Always Discreet, I have found that the Goodnights stuffers in a size large work real good in them. They are not increased to a super capacity, but they work real nice for when I am out and about for awhile. I have to change about every 4 hours or so.
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