Presto diapers?

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I've always been curious about those too....

Presto is an interesting company. They've make kitchen gadgets for the last 100 years, and all of a sudden branched out into adult diapers. I have always wanted to try them, but could not find a place to buy just a bag (until DiaperBuys).

They have a few different types of diapers.
Interesting. I never considered that they might be THAT Presto. I might just get a bag just to see if they're any good at all. If they're not, well, that's what boosters are for. :)

Never tried them but those prices and free shipping are a good deal! Good variety, too!
look like they are clothlike tho
From what I can see they look quite nice, even comfy looking. By the looks of it however, DiaperBuys does not ship to Canada and Healthwick in Canada does not have Presto samples. But, Healthwick does sell a small variety of that brand at very reasonable prices. Prices that I can live with for trying them out...:twocents:
I don't think that diapers made by a company that also makes ladles, colanders, and those rubberized whisks can be too great, not bad, but not good either.
They appear to sell other brands we all know and love.
Distributer or manufacturer?

I wonder if they are just a distributed... still... at just under $9.00...might be worth a shot.
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