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I honestly do not see any reason to use powder and wipes, I have used them in the past and I don't get it. I understand the reason to use wipes but I don't see a need for myself to use them. What I don't understand is the use of powder.
Can anybody tell me what the powder is used for and should I use powder and wipes when I wear and change my diapers?
tall2826 said:
I honestly do not see any reason to use powder and wipess?

For me anyway, powder between my diaper's wings and my hips is essential to prevent pimples. My skin's just always been that way. If I forget even once, I'll get home and have a crop growing on both hips, pretty much guaranteed.
I personally use baby powder to prevent from feeling itchy. When I wear diapers, I tend to sweat down there and it can be uncomfortable unless I have some powder to keep things dry. The wonderful smell is just an added perk.
Because of all the wetness, sweat and otherwise, I need the powder otherwise I itch like crazy. It happens anyway in the summer when I swim a lot.
I use wipes before I diaper up every night so I don't leave any stains and just to have that feeling of cleanliness. Powder to keep my skin from getting sweaty and irritated, and it softens up the skin nicely too.
Wipes, in between changes & showers, might help to keep the germ/bacterial content down a bit, in the moist/humid environment inside a fresh diaper, keeping rashes of all sorts to a minimum (I still get fungal issues occasionally, so I shower as often as possible, using antibacterial soaps, too).

As for powders, I can't imagine life without the sweet smell of Johnson's, but, as someone that's shaved down below, powder certainly helps to keep things from sticking so much, giving a much higher level of diapered (or not!) comfort. I love the part about being wrapped up in the diaper, but I'd hate it if my sac was always tugging this way, or that, causing me to have to readjust. Of course, baby oil offers the same lubricity, but it does eat at the plastic pants over time, whereas, powder won't. Personally, I love to mix powder AND baby oil for an even sweeter smelling mix, especially when using disposables, where you're not worried about plastic pants so much (BUT, I do still wear them with disposables, because I NEED my protective pants...)

This shows what Bitter Gray talks about in his site on Adult babies.

I was a 60's kid and you used a wet hand towel to clean up any "residue" then a layer of baby oil to protect the skin and baby powder to help collect any moisture.

That was dismissed with disposables because they keep the skin dryer. In the late 90's AMA started discouraging "talcum powder" because of the repertory issues that it can cause.

So For me it is part of the experience and is more like the changing time that I saw as a kid.
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