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It was brought to my attention that I have failed in my Panty Of The Week (POTW) duties. For that I offer my apologies. We all get busy at times. So, I will do my best each Wednesday to post my suggestions for the POTW.
Please feel free to chime in and show us your POTW, or, your alternate.
You all do have to help me though. I can't think of all the options. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.
So, this weeks POTW is BLUE! Any blue, or partially blue, panty will do.
These are some Vanity Fair semi-sheer bikinis that I picked up at Kohl's about 5 years ago. Nice soft and silky feeling. Good support. Love the lace waistband.
So, what have you girls got to offer this week?


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I think I need to be brave enough to post now 🤣

Tried to but pasting images on my phone isn't working too well..... Will be back ;-)
I just got these somewhat recently ^^ I wish I could wear them rn but I still have like a week left of my month in diapers lol

I hope this pic isnt too lewd for this thread 😋


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I know it's not blue, but I come to share my sadness with one of my last panties since I could only use it once before it was broken by a wedgie :(

This is the reason why my collection of panties does not increase as fast as I would like :(


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