PostNL tracking info not updated for few days

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I ordered on ABDL factory on last friday,according to tracking info on friday night parcel was in PostNL sorting centre in Utrecht,Netherlands.

Last entry in tracking info is from saturday 00:15am from Utrecht sorting centre outbound gateway with message "Sent to country of destination".

A saturday was 4 day ago I'm getting concerned as no other entries are created and today was last day in estimated delivery date range.

What I should do to find where parcel is?
What country you in ? If uk don't forget they send by road and there's been problems at Calias again !
Czech Republic, so most of route is over Germany
Dave753 said:
Czech Republic, so most of route is over Germany
Don't know then
From my experience that happens sometimes once a parcel is send to or enters the destination country or leaves the one where is being sent from. It has happened to me where I don't see any updates on the tracking for 4/5 days or even almost a week and then all of a sudden someone from a delivery company or the postal office is knocking on my door with my order package.
Good news, I just got sms from InTime (PostNL use InTime for deliveries in Czech Republic) that they have received parcel and they will deliver it tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. I ordered the ABDL factory sample pack containing all diapers available in Europe to try out which I'll like the best.
Like I said, there's always a few days where the tracking information seems to stop updating and then it's at your door or arriving the next day. Enjoy your samples :)
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