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tried to find a non-locked version of this, but couldn't

I love all my plushies, although my primaries are a Bunbun named Audrey (who is my main in honor of my previous lifetime plushie, a small bunbun named Bunny I had since birth), a Pandah named Izzy, a Foxie named Ainsley, and a HUGE bearbear named Teddy :3

here's my collection ^_^


What's your favorite plushies and do you have a collection or just a few?
I am so jealous of how many you have :eek:

I have 3 that stay in my bedroom. I think I have others back at my grandparents house, but can't remember though.

If I could, I'd buy plushies more often.

I do have my eye on that 96" teddy bear at Costco's, but at $200 it's out of my range until I can get a job.
I've got way too many (at least so says my wife). They're all bears. There are a few in the bedroom (though most have been banished from the bed) including a 36" one that my wife bought me the first Christmas after she found about my diaper interest. There are other's scattered around the house and tons now in storage (we're moving in a few months). We have Christmas bears that come out at Thanksgiving and just went back. I've got two in my office. One is one of the 56" guys from Costco (I call him Bob) and the other is a Vermont Teddy Bear which is the one my Avatar here is a picture of (oddly I used the picture for years before realizing where it had originally come from. When I stopped at the Vermont Teddy factory last year I had to have him.
I have a copy (my mom made it for me) of "Drifty" the Driftwood dairy mascot from 1962.

The milk man gave the original to my mom the day she brought me home. I played with it so much that it fell apart when I was 2.

Fast forward. At the county fair in 1979 I worked like mad in the carnival area and won a cow doll. When I brought it home my brothers started laughing and I thought they were teasing me for having a doll. But it turns out that it was a suppressed memory that they remember but I did not.

For my 20th birthday my mom made me this copy of drifty and I still have it.
I have a teddy named starry with lots of stars. I also have a stuffed snoopy I call snoopy. And I have a special teddy bear I love and keep with me
The paintings at the top are of my pets from my gran, from left to right they are lia calypso and sudoku. Callie is the only one still with us.

The two tigers were won at fairs, the bigger one I got in my old town called chipping norton and my friends called it fair junk, the smaller one I got here with my girlfriend.

The bear on the smaller tiger I actually got given by aussiebuoy a while back.

The more normal pony is from my ex girlfriend in oxford.

The dogs on the right are tia and white lia, both named after dogs that are no longer with us.

I bought the husky pup in hamleys with my girlfriend as well.

The snakes are from my brother when he lost my bigger one he used in a play.

And the rest don't have a massive significance, they all sit on top of two wardrobes in my room, the tigers take up one and the rest struggle for space!
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My wolf named Fen. I got him just slightly over a year ago after I moved into my own place.
I don't have an actual photograph .. but this is the only one I have.


Edit: Well, actually I do have some Hello Kitty plushies. Not really big enough to sleep with though.
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I have four plushies currently. One is an old camel, Camille, who is there for when I just need to talk. Then there's Wuff, a build a bear husky who is still young enough to need diapers like me. He's scared of the dark and sleeps under the covers with me. Timbah is my timber wolf from wild republic, and he keeps the monsters away, as well as nightmares. The newest is William Edward Growler, or Growl to his friends. He came from big lots and makes me feel small at 53" with paws and feet as big as mine.
I'm not super crazy about stuffies, but I do have my Pikachu plushie, and enjoy sleeping with it from time to time ^~^
My camera died so I'll list them. My wife bought all of my plushies for me. My main bear is Maf-Maf, a big two foot teddy bear that I always go to sleep with in my arms. Then my wife bought me Fluppy, a dog. I have two Mooses now as I got another Moose for Christmas, along with Harry the Bunny and Tec the Tractor from the Babyfirst channel.
MoonMoon said:

The paintings at the top are of my pets from my gran, from left to right they are lia calypso and sudoku. Callie is the only one still with us.
Your picture is broken :(

brabbit1987 said:
I don't have an actual photograph .. but this is the only one I have.

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Edit: Well, actually I do have some Hello Kitty plushies. Not really big enough to sleep with though.

PrincessSara said:

I know, Isn't it! =^.^= I got it from build-a-bear workshop. Purchased it sometime around valentines day. It was sort of like a valentines present and decided to get the set. The boy and girl stuffed animal. They have magnets in their cheek so you can have them blow kisses at each other. The boy stuffed animal, I gave to my X ... course back when we where still together lol XD.

Edit: Think it was a limited edition.
Is it fixed now?
I'm currently trying to hunt down all the ones I had from when I was a baby until now. If I can get them altogether I'll take a few pictures and post.
Hi. Here's my new plushie, "Cocoa" - he smells just like chocolate. :)




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Sammy Snake the 2nd (I lost the original while out in my pram so my parents bought a new one), Bumblelion from The Wuzzles and Teddy the Went (my dad's aunt made him when I was 3 hence the odd name).

On the right is Figment, whom I've had since 1983 - he's an original production run plushie from the Journey Into Imagination pavilion at the EPCOT Centre at Disney World. On the left is Eeyore, whom I got at the Peterborough Disney Store about eight years ago, when I was looking for something other than a pillow to hug.

Here's a couple of mine. Lancelot the Cat and Flapjack the Bear! :wub:
Being fairly OCD I have a large array of Plushies. I have an extensive collection of Muffy Vanderbears and Hoppy Vanderhares (Of course, they're rabbits). I have 5 or 6 of the Baby plush pull music boxes. For my pillow when I make the bed, I have the small blanket infant plushies (two bears, 2 puppies, 1 elephant, 1 bunny.
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