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I wanted to share this with all of you all. I just attended CapCon 2017 last week and relaying my experience to a friend I met at TeddyCon 2016 last year who unfortunately could not attend this year as tickets sold out before they bought one. The message will read a bit awkward or odd here on the forum since I was writing this to them instead of generically here to everyone. However, I feel this can serve as a sort of review or overview of the event for anyone wondering what CapCon is.

Without further ado:

CapCon was fantastic. It was for sure larger then TeddyCon last year. However, I'm presuming that TC will be even larger then CapCon was this year since they're taking over the whole hotel.

CapCon had legos and mega blocks, of course. Big suffed animals. A "middles" play room (video games, board cames, card games, etc), a baby fur room, a nursery, the arts and crafts room, and then the main playroom.

They had an adult sized trike. Two adult sized razor trikes (think like low riding big wheels) which you could actually drift in. Had so much fun with those. A bouncy chair. A baby walker. Rocking horse. A big 4 person sit and spin that had "Simon" built into the spinning pedestal. Big ball pit. and much more.

Some of us played tag and hide and go seek. There was a nerf gun war on Saturday. And 2-3 story book reading times every day. DaddyG returned and Momma Kuri even got in on reading!

They also had movies in the morning and evening every day, too. As well as classes in the two classrooms they had. You need to get your ticket as soon as registration opens up for 2018!

I spent almost all of my time at the con playing with other littles this time instead of shying away in the classroom. So I'm going to have way more photos. Which I'm so excited for!

I mentioned to you when we talked at TC last year after I stepped off stage that I like stuffed animals, right? Well, on Sunday, I brought my entire collection with me. I fortunately live like 15 mins from the con so that is what made this possible. That said, it was a big effort because I have a lot. I needed flatbed cart from the hotel to get them from the lobby to the CapCon playroom. I commandeered both wagons from the play space and others were helping me pull them around the con.

I also participated in the pageant / talent show again. That was on Saturday (so before I brought all of my stuffies on Sunday) However, this time I bought a talent. I did still bring suffies to the stage with me. Just not the two gigantic wagons filled to the top. I sang "Arabian Nights" from Disney's Aladdin. It was a -huge- hit. I got so many compliments. I've already got the song I'll sing for this years TeddyCon picked out.

However, I'm going to be secretive about it since it will be a very special performance for a very special someone. I want it to be truly a surprise for them. I'll tell you, though, that it is not an engagement or wedding proposal. But, it should prove to be absolutely epic.

I even tried my hand at being artistic and did my best to draw both of my favorite pokémon: Mew and Groudon (who I call Big Red). I'll upload a photo after his message.

Anyway, yea. I had a blast and can't wait for TC this year. I'll be excited to meet you and Hi_Fi again. As well as attend with a new little friend this time. Even looked after a bit by a Big, who the two of us know from the Discord chat channel we met on.

Wow. That's a lot I just typed!
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