Possible ABDL Representation in a Broadway Musical???

Did you Know About the Musical Be More Chill or That it Featured a Cast Member Dressed as a Baby?

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OK so, have you guys heard about this? I know very little about it as I just discovered it this evening when Googling ABDL Halloween Costume images to see what would come up and I found this. It was from reddit showing girls in halloween costumes one of which was a Baby. They asked why a popular girl would dress up as a Baby for a school Halloween party? There were 2 photos one that showed all the names of the girls. I was very interested to know more like was this a movie, TV show? No according to the comments turns out it's from a Broadway Musical called "Be More Chill." Seems like it's about your usual Teenage drama.

However, there's a scene where the girls go to a Halloween party, and dresses as a Baby. With a pink frilly dress, bib, and bonnet, pacifier around her neck and in her mouth, and she's carrying a bottle filled with alcohol. The only thing she doesn't have sadly is an actual Diaper🧷. Just some frilly pink/purple bloomers, and maybe plastic pants??? Regardless during a song where she tries to get one of the boys to have sex with her in the bedroom, she says "you can rock this baby fast asleep" and do you wanna get inside my Diaper boy?!" Hmmm was someone working on this musical secretly ABDL???

This seems like the closest we ABDLs will get to being represented in a Broadway Musical. Even though she's not actually ABDL, she's just wearing a Halloween costume. But we'll take what we can get right? What do you guys think? Did you know about this Musical or this character dressing as a Baby in a Broadway Musical? Let me know in the comments below, and as always...stay Diapered🧷! :)

Here are some pictures of Chloe the Baby from the Musical, and Backstage.

First pic I found of the girls
Second pic I found of the girls with their names
Selfie with cast member and possible love interest in the show
Entire cast during Halloween party
Chole Baby 1
Chole Baby 2
Chloe during her song "Do You Wanna Hang?"