Pooping Yourself in Vegas

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So apparently it's fairly common for people to just "go" in fancy Las Vegas casinos rather than get up from the poker tables:
Cracked Article

Is it weird that I now want to go to Vegas and visit a casino just so that I can wet and mess myself without a diaper on? After all, nobody would know or remember me, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it right, and doing something like that on purpose is actually pretty gross and disgusting. Do you want someone to sit down after you in a piss-soaked chair, or be forced to smell your shit?
Yeah, you guys have a point. It would be best to wear a diaper. I just feel like it's the one place where you could feasibly get away with that. I'm just intrigued by the idea of doing something so wrong.

But yeah, it would probably just end up making everybody else feel bad. And clean-up would suck.
From all my times going to casinos, not that often, but enough to enjoy it when traveling, I can not ever recall noticing anyone wet or mess themselves. I do a lot of people watching when gambling, especially if you like slots. you get people on those machines for hours. If they wet or messed, you would smell it for sure. I suppose this could happen, but I have never witnessed it. I will definetly look for it though. It is rather disgusting though to think there is a chance you are touching someone else's dna when at a table or machine. I wonder if they allow you to use a antibacterial wipe before sitting...likely you would be asked leave if the casino security saw this.
Umm...that's from Cracked.com. It's a humor website. So it may not actually be true.
Cracked might stretch the truth a bit, yeah, but it sounds like something that could happen. Really, what I think they're most guilty of is hyperbole.
All I can think is Eww. Like others have said just because it is apparently done doesn't make it right. I've been to Vegas twice and have peed myself but I was diapered. You know someone might have to clean up after you and it's wrong. I have heard of gamblers purposely wearing diapers to extend table time. Plus you've got the joy of walking thorough the casino or casinos messy and/or wet to get back to your hotel room and these places are pretty big
Whoever wrote that may have a few anecdotes from dealers but the dealers are either ignorant. I'd take everything they say with a large grain of salt. They get the odds all wrong. Blackjack with basic strategy (i.e., no card counting, just knowing the right play to make based on what is showing) is actually about 49.5 - 51.5 in favor of the house in most. The pass/come line in craps is about 48.5% though when you get to push odds it becomes one of the few games in the house where you have an EVEN chance at winning. Some casinos even allow you to push odds that allow you to come out on top. You have to fully understand how the game (in the flavor it is being offered) needs to be played.

Poker is a little different. Essentially, you're renting the table from the hosue (they take either a time or per hand commission). The people you are up against are the other players. You need to be good enough to win more than lose to clear the house's commission.
I've seen grown men piss their pants at bootcamp because they were too afraid to ask the drill instructor to go to the bathroom. Sure they scream at you and make you do pushups till you wanna puke but I would never pee my pants in front of anyone without a diaper to hide the fact.
I have loved in Vegas for 20 years and know some dealers and have never herd anything like that. You would probably be escorted out of the casino.
I've been to Las Vegas six or seven times. I don't do poker, but have played pretty much all the other table games, and the worst I've experienced have been rude people and smokers--which, IMO, also count as rude in those close quarters. Who wants to sit next to a smoker at a blackjack table? Nobody, that's who. But I digress... My experience with other players has been mostly positive, and I've certainly never caught a whiff of or otherwise detected a wet or messy "accident" of the kind being discussed here. If that does indeed happen, it seems certain to be very rare. The casinos wouldn't put up with it.

Or, well... Bellagio wouldn't. Go ahead and dump your pants at Tropicana. :)

I think I might enjoy wearing diapers in Vegas some time, but it wouldn't be as a matter of practicality. I've never stayed at a single table for so long that my bladder was ready to burst.
ill might wet my diaper but that's far as i go
I know for a fact that both my grandmother and one of my aunts does this. They bring adult diapers though.

The thought of doing so without being covered is so revolting to me. Wearing diapers is one thing, but forcing some poor janitor to clean up your mess is just so cruel.
Are either of them incontinent to any degree or do they wear and use diapers only while at the casino?
BabyCorry said:
Are either of them incontinent to any degree or do they wear and use diapers only while at the casino?

My grandma is slightly IC, but makes it to the toilet 99% of the time aside from on long road trips. Aunt not at all.
LOL I did that the other night in the casino. Peed my diapers a few times. Just love it. Even did it in a concert.
Sheepies said:
My grandma is slightly IC, but makes it to the toilet 99% of the time aside from on long road trips. Aunt not at all.

And they both wear, wet, and mess themselves while gambling? And do so at least often enough that the family or at least you know about it?

That should pretty much confirm for anyone thinking non-abdl's wear and use diapers at a casino.
No, it is true. I went to a gambling addiction talk at a university during March Madness and the leaders talked of the casino workers whose job it is to clean up chairs where slot machine users sat all day. They are AB's in their own way, just playing all day not taking care of and even harming things in their adult life, with a more harmful but socially acceptable obsession.
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