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I'm new to this site, but not to being a diaper lover. But as I have read a lot of the postings, in the last week, a thought had come to mind.
What about wearing diapers do you like the most? And let me clarify this... I'm asking what physical contact, with the diaper, do you most enjoy? For me, my kneejerk reaction answer would be the bulk between my legs. But I tried a Northshore Supreme Air, today, and while it was snug enough not to leak, the bulk was lightly brushing the bottom of my butt, while walking and such, and was driving me crazy (in an excellent way):smile1:.
So, what tactile feel of your diaper, do you really enjoy?
Interesting point of view and I have to say that I agree with you. :)

For me, though, I'd have to say that it's the bulk between my legs and the softness that being diapered brings.
The wadding and nice thickness between the legs in the crotch area. I like plastic backed diapers too. I like diapers that have the frontal landing zone. But above all else not have a leaky diaper is the best thing.
Hmm. I guess I have to say--and perhaps I'm not answering the question--that the "contact", for me, is almost entirely psychological. Yes, diapers are much thicker than my usual undies, and they make me a bit... waddly. (What? That's not a word?!) But, for me, diapers are a sexual turn-on, and the biggest factor in that turn-on is knowing that I'm wearing a diaper. The bulk between my legs is not, by itself, particularly enjoyable. I could stuff a towel down my pants and not be in the least bit aroused. So! There you go.

But if I had to choose something tactile, it would be the squishiness (What?! That's not a word either?!?!) of a wet diaper--a very strong sensory cue that I'm diapered. Wetting isn't always a part of my diaper-play, though.
It's the softness and the proprioception. Proprioception is feedback from one's environment that tells where the person's body is in space. When the fit and feel are Goldilocks, it's like a fluffy hug.
What I like about a dry diaper is the softness of the diaper and to a lesser extent, the bulk. After I have wet the diaper, then the way the wet diaper feels on my private parts is just great.
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My favorite part about diapers is the knowledge that urine has a place to go. The padded feeling lets me know that the diaper is there. Feeling a thicker diaper makes me think it will work better.
I enjoy the thickness and bulk they add, specially on winter time, it makes you waddle :eek:
I'm in agreement with the feelings of thickness and bulkiness and I don't really get any sexual attachment from diapers. For me, it's the big 3 C's; 1: comfortable to wear, 2: comforting to wear and 3: convenience of wearing. While "at work", it can be rather difficult to find a restroom quick enough, so having the diaper, relieves that bit of stress, when the time comes (and I goes).
I have Aspergers / Autism Spectrum disorder if your familiar with it. I have sensory issues, mostly touch related. I feel the most comfortable with plastic/vinyl
As well as with Diapers. They just don't feel as bad as normal underwear.
I also like the thickness of a diaper, it makes it feel much better, more secure.
I also like how I don't have to walk down into a smoky nightmare to use a bathroom. I also Like the feeling of a wet thick squishy diaper.
Plastic/Vinyl pants are the best, I like to wear just these often. The only issue is after a while they get a bit smelly due to sweat and bacteria growing.
Besides that, I like to feel Little sometimes to get away from the stress of life and other issues related to My Asperger's
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