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Be polite, though parody is fine, especially parody of Raccoon prosody. Nice things would be better in general.

Write poems about other members: any style, any form.

This is about Jackaroo: he temp-nicked using Dragon and Dargon; he spoke of illustrating his dysgraphia (this was in a public space) - so this is about him. The double-six is in reference to the 12 signs of the zodiac and is meant to be an image of rolling dice in a craps game... well you'll see:

Dis puppy will sign, ish signature time, my mixes double sixes I lay it on the line/

Rearrange my letters, talkin to my betters, I'm a leaky going-getter; watch me -

Change it up, leakypup, going hell-for-letter/

Switching in the mixing, my username I'm fixing/

I'm Dargon and I'm hard-on my dysgraphia is bitchen'
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