Please help me ID these diapers

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I've been seeing these guys all over places like tumblr and I can't figure out the brand and all,and I'd really like to know what they are and where I could get them because they are cute and I'd love some for myself.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer :)
They're called Crinklz. They're produced by the same European company that makes the ComfiCare M10. I'm not sure if they're even available in North America yet. You might be able to have some shipped from Europe but I'd imagine it would be crazy expensive, unfortunately.
Those are Crinklz I believe.
Only problem with this site is i cant find the page so i can order some. :'(
Nice thank you all for the help ^_^
YAHLD said:
Wow thanks a lot for all the help

No problem, just make sure you use a card that you can reverse charges, like a visa credit card, in case they don't provide your product. I haven't ever bought from those sites, although I have actually heard of the first two before, so I'm not sure on my recommendations.
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