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I was wondering if there are any playlists that you have made or come across that you really like listening to. So I created this thread. Here playlists for your music can be discussed, new ones posted - basically anything to do with playlists can go here.

I have two playlists on my system. One is all of Radiohead's singles in order. Even though they aren't a singles band this gives a brilliant cross section of their music with tracks from every one of there albums except Kid A. They are one of my favourite bands, along with Pink Floyd and Pulp.

The other one I came up with today. The idea of the playlist was that is was for a band playing live with the first part, second part after an interval, and the encore track. I tried to get a variation with what I considered faster tracks and slower ones roughly alternating, and with the second part being more melancholic and to be honest alternative/weird then the first. I really tried to give each part and the entire play list a feel. I tried to end each part on a reasonably anthemic track, and start it with a reasonably fast track that would get people going at the start of each of the two main parts. It also contains a lot of tracks I really really like - although they wouldn't form my top 15 necessarily, they would probably make my top 25 if I were feeling bored enough to produce such a thing. Some of the transfers between tracks is a little bit jarred, especially the songs from concept albums (A Day in the Life, and the Pink Floyd Songs) but I still really like how it feels, and I think it realy shows the sort of music I like. Hope you like it too!

Part 1
- Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
- A Day in the Life - The Beatles
- Parklife - Blur
- Celluoid Heroes - The Kinks
- Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
- Videotape - Radiohead
- Common People - Pulp

Part 2

- I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters
- How to Dissapear Completely - Radiohead
- Money - Pink Floyd
- Life on Mars? - David Bowie
- Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) - Pink Floyd
- No Suprises - Radiohead
- Paranoid Android - Radiohead

- Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

So what do you think? What about playlists you have yourself? Or do you think they are a waste of space, and swear by singles, albums or maybe even the shuffle button? Go ahead and discuss!

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I have about 1200 songs in one of my computers. Its soundcard is connected to my stereo. Using Reoport software I just let it shuffle play through the songs.



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Right now the only true playlist I have left is this.

the 100 push-ups program music. one hundred push ups

30-30-150 -Stone Sour
Almost Here - The Academy is...
Change (In The Hosue Of Flies) -Deftones
Come As Your Are - Nirvana
Countdown- Jupiter One
Cupids Chokehold - Gym Class Heros
Float On - Modest Mouse
Follow Through- Gavin DeGraw
Getting Away Wither Murder - Papa Roach
How Far We Come- Matchbox Twenty
Hunting Party - Valve (Half Life 2: episodes 1 and 2 soundtrack.)
I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
In a Heartbeat - In The Room (28 days/weeks later song. starts low n' slow then it gets louder and faster.)
Last Legs- Another Half Life soundtrack song
Let's Start a riot - Three Days Grace
Life Less Ordinary- Carbon Leaf
Mother Mary- The foxborough hotub's
On a High - Duncan sheik
Paralyzer - Finger Elven
Psycho- Nickleback
Red Flag - Billy Talent
Side Of A Bullet - Nickleback
Ten Thousand Fists- Disturbed
The Current- Blue man group (forgot the singers name)
I tend to line up tracks as I want to listen to them. Although my tastes vary a bit, it's usually Boards of Canada or Autechre over and over again. ^_^
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Fire2box: I didn't think Nickelback made a song called Psycho. I think you may be thinking of the band Puddle of Mudd. They do have a similar song to Nickelback, and it's the only song I really like by Puddle of Mudd.


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I prefer listening to one artist at a time. I only have some Rick Astley, Tool, Pink Floyd and The Offspring right now though.
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