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Who: Baby Scottie and Wife Joan host: YOU! (If your are 18 or older) All are invited. AB, DL, Mommies, Daddies, Sitters, Littles Baby Furries, diapered and un-diapered friends and Significant Others.

What: Baby Scotties Play Days are fun relaxed loosely themed events for ADULTS (18 and older, you may be asked to show ID) who engage in Age Play. Alcohol is not welcome, ‘Babies’ are under age anyway. Child porn will not be tolerated. No Children ( 17 or under) are ever welcome at our events.

Why: Because when we bought a farm we decided that we could open our home to other members of the age-play community. We offer a comfortable discreet environment and activities where one can just be oneself unobserved by nearby neighbors.

When: The first full weekend of each month except January, July, November, and December.
Noon to ... well your welcome crash on the couch. We regularly end the day watching movies or with a bond fire. We welcome more distant visitors to set up a tent or park a camper in the yard. We can also refer you to a local motel.

Where: A farm about an hour North of Minneapolis - Saint Paul. To maintain everyone’s privacy we request that you call for directions when you R.S.V.P.

R.S.V.P to Scott via telephone [contact information removed]. Forgot to R.S.V.P.? Call the day of, you are still welcome.

Charge: NONE! We do these events Pot Luck, because so many of us are broke. If you can not bring something to share we appreciate a donation to cover our food expenses, we always provide plenty of simple food for lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Dress: Come as you are comfortable, Street clothes are fine. We always have a dedicated changing room for your convenience.

List of events:

April: Rain Gear and Latex. Hey it may be raining but we can dance in the puddles, finger paint with mud, and pretend chocolate pudding, and crushed cookies are mud pies, com’on you know you baked with real mud as a child.

May: Mothers Day. Make mommy (natal and/or other) a card ford her special day. We’ll have assorted card making supplies, bring pictures to make picture cards. We’ll also charge up the digital camera and CD burner if you wish to have more current photos taken. Miss Joan is very good with art projects and will help you make the perfect card.

June: Baby Furries. We will play with out furry friends.

July: No event this month, as Sci-Fi geeks we’ll be at Convergence. You could meet us there!

August: Sewing lessons, learn to make your own baby clothes. Not interested play in the water with baby Scottie.

September: Camp Out! Starts Friday night at 6pm, camp ground closes Sunday after noon. Now that the mosquitoes are subsiding we can play the night away, camp fire, weenie roast, s’mores, flash lights. This is your chance to have that pony ride you never had as a inexperienced kid. We’ll take pictures. You are welcome to BYOB for this over night event.

October: Halloween Costume Party

November: No Event, Turkey Time takes us away.

December: No Event, At Christmas were all gone.

January 2010: No event, Have a Happy New Year! See you the first weekend in February!

Scott and Joan began dating in 2006 and married in September of 2007. From the beginning honesty was very important to both Scott who had come out of a non-supportive relationship and Joan who was a single mother who did not need to waist her time. So they began thier relation ship with all the cards on the table. When they moved to thier farm they decided to open thier home to other members of the AB/DL community becuase there were no activities where one could just be oneself.

A little bit about Baby Scotty:

Baby Scotty is a happily married AB/DL man. Its true check out the chick in the wedding dress, she is real. Scott did not know what it was called then, but he has happily (and for awhile secretly) worn diapers for the last 30+ years. After a stint in the US Navy, 18 years of being with someone who did not understand, and some very strange coincidences he met Joan in 2006. The truth - at least in dating, eventually - set Scott free. Because Joan saw no point in dating someone that she would not potentially marry and Scott had suffered from hiding being AB/DL, honesty was very important to both of them. They began their relationship with all the cards on the table. Joan had discovered that if she put it all out there from the beginning she could scare away many potential suitors without even a first date to waste her valuable time; and her secret was rather boring compared to ‘I like Diapers’: a young child and a few horses, okay more than a few, okay, okay it was a lot of horses and an absolute refusal to sell any of them for a man. Today, not only does Scott have friends who know and don’t care, a wife who is ok with him and a family who knows but he even has a mother-in-law who knows and really does not care, that one kinda surprised him.
For his day job Scott is a building engineer. In his free time he is like every one else, he enjoys watching movies, collecting stuff, playing with sharp objects, a good ride on his wife (‘s horses), petting pussies (okay six fat house cats), stroking his hot dog (she’s a Grey Hound), playing hide the weasel (with his two ferrets) and getting lucky (you know).
Joan is not AB or DL. She self potty trained at 18 mos. and has not looked back since. She is just never grew out of being horse crazy and when she grew up she was able to get the ponies her parents cruelly (ok practically) refused to get her. (Hey, Mommy and Daddy did say ‘You could get a horse when your grown up and pay for it yourself’) On her own time Joan plays with the horses she bought with her own money, pets her pussies, hot dog, husband and weasels. She also sews things other than oversized baby clothes, reads a lot, and has a teaching job that she loves.
When they moved to their farm Joan encouraged Scott to really do it this time and open their home to other members of the AB/DL community because there were no activities where one could just be oneself. Joan grew up with parents who encouraged and supported diversity, acceptance, and honesty so firmly asserts that they’re nuts.
Scott and Joan enjoy many activities together, Including: going to the movies especially Action and Sci-Fi or the Theatre, camping, concerts, and the MN Renaisance Festival. Scotty just wears diapers for some of these activities. While Joan think’s his diapers are silly, they do not impede Scott’s ability to provide for her (back to the wedding dress: its 100% silk), love her or be a good father and role model for her son. And those are the thing that mater to her. She is probably as nuts as she claims her mother is.
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....I might be in MN the first full weekend of April.... but I don't know how I feel about going, I'll be 18.... but........... ya.... ?Tell me more, about the kind of people who go.


Maybe in August? I will be of legal age then, but as with Ryan, I don't really know if I can make a decision without more details.


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Sorry, but I had to close this thread.

Since ADISC is open to people of all ages, I cannot allow such party announcements to be posted on ADISC. There is a chance that even minors can call you up (pretending to be 18) and finding out where the party is, which, in turn, may get them into danger of meeting some less-than-desirable people (not the party host, but who knows exactly who's coming to parties like that?).

So, please don't post any party announcements on ADISC, especially if you're not a regular member of ADISC. You're saving me, the website and also yourself (do you really want a minor showing up at your door under false pretenses?) a fair amount of trouble.

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