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I set up some play areas on the carpet and places like tables and shelves so I can place an activity on each surface and it will help me stretch more because I sit in the same position most times, some I will sit and have an elevated surface to play on, a surface where I must stand up to use, my bed, table and chair, on my dresser where I have to kneel and even under my bed and in my wardrobe! Take a look!

image.jpg this my the first area I can see when I walk in, I chose colouring for this area but I will alternative with each day.

image.jpg I have some toys in here that I play with in my wardrobe, I can imagine playing with my ball pit balls and closing the door would be fun! I can sit in it!

image.jpg I have my sensory toys or toys that require doing something to it in order for it to work and my baby rattles and teether are in there. I put something different in the bucket each day.

image.jpg I have to kneel to read books and play with something else if it's a different day in this station

image.jpg on my bed, I have my threading beads

image.jpg in my cozy corner I put my Legos here because I remember sitting on a cozy rub in preschool and playing with something like this

image.jpg I have another play space on the floor!

image.jpg I can have sit on the floor and play on my shelf with my cars or some other toy so I don't strain my back.

image.jpg I have to stand up to play with my wooden blocks in this station, so that will definatly benefit my back by not cooking my neck all day

image.jpg I am not sure how well you can see under there but I have my small stuffier under there so I can hide with them!

image.jpg I have a tables and chair type area where I set up a jigsaw

Why am I doing this you may ask but I have scoliosis and I often have back ache because I been sitting crooked for too long, I havn't been bending or stretching for too long and also it will be fun to go under the bed and go to area to area and stuff, like they did in playgroup.
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