Plans for the future


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For quite a while now I have wanted to move back to Florida to have the warmer weather year round and be closer to family, and it seems like it could happen within a few years, but I'm also not trying to rush things so I am actually prepared for that to happen (which is mostly a financial thing, if I had a few 100Gs I would have moved already and figured everything else out besides where I would get a job after that).

I just got a good job that pays soooooo much better than last job under a month ago and since I live with my mom she is already thinking several steps ahead without any kind of a clue how its actually gonna happen.

That is one thing I dont like about her, she has things planned out without any kind of plan behind it.

She thinks these "business" ventures she has tried will suddenly take off and we will have no shortage of money, but that is just wishful thinking and if it were that easy everybody would do it.

And of course independence would be great, but I know everything is so costly and as much as things have been hard before, it would be even worse if I were to venture out on my own .

I hope I can at least get a good 2 or 3 years to soak in the good pay of my new job before something happens and we go back down to Florida to essentially start over again (since we own a house up here, we have good jobs up here, and finding equally good jobs down there may be hard)