Places to buy in the UK?

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I have looked all over the internet looking for a site that can offer good prices on delivery. I don't like the thought of buying products that can be sensitive so I always check them out to see if they are discreet.

The best I have managed to find at the moment is
They have an offer on for Free delivery over £30. The service was good but I don't always need £30s worth of products.

Are there any sites out there that just offer free next day delivery or am I asking too much?

Incontinence Supermarket is similar. But thats £50+

I've used incontinence choice before but I don't really think I can afford £100
Allander - were the best for their customer service when I asked them about a product.

Are there any other sites that deliver in the UK?

i have found the UK market limited and not to discreet... over the years i have found that deliveries whilst in plain packaging has arrived in plastic wrapping which could betray what's in side buy the shape feel etc of the package...

i use who are based in Germany... and with the current exchange rates pound v euro even when you pay for delivery there are savings to be made. they also have a very good range depending what your looking for. delivery via parcel force usually 4 - 5 days and as long as you choose it they box deliveries.

i have recently found not tried them yet but they offer discreet next day delivery and have an ok range...

good luck... hope this helps

I get most of my pads.(tena maxi slips and tena comfort extra pads) suplied free by the NHS continence service. I have been assesed and diagnosed as medically incontinent due to my diabetes as am fully intitled to them. They don't supply enough for my needs as you are only allwed two a day and have to provide the rest your self. I watch ebay for good deals and buy them when ever these are some going cheap.
saveexpress Incontince choice
Given how bulky nappies are, expecting free next day delivery on a small order is a bit unrealistic. It'd be impossible for the supplier to make a profit.

Can you explain what you mean by "I don't always need £30s worth of products"? It's always more cost-effective to order in bulk, and if you're IC, you'll use them all eventually. It's not like you're throwing money away - you're just ordering greater quantities at less frequent intervals. Don't forget, pretty much every supplier lowers the price per pack if you buy by the case.

Dorset Nursing is free over £100. Dry Life/Nappies R Us is £3.95 for any size order, as is Incontinence Shop, but they aren't next day.
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Free delivery is a bit of a rip off which is why a lot of companies don't offer it. The cost of delivery will be included in the price, so if you buy more than one item, you're paying for it twice. Nappies are extremely bulky and not all that light which is why couriers unfortunately don't do very good deals on shipping them. Incontinence Shop also does the free delivery over £100. But I don't think in the scheme of things £3.95 for standard or £5.50 is bad for next day. Try taking something that big to the post office and asking for next day delivery - I'm sure it would be at least in the £20s
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