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Has anyone ever heard of these pjama washable products
Was thinking of getting some but wanted to see if anyone has tried them yet ???
I would be kinda leery of them.

There was a similar product on the market a few years ago called "Peejs" that I bought and never received...
When I called customer service, they just said "Oh well file a dispute with your credit card company".
After that, they never seemed to be in stock. and now their site is owned by a Chinese company....
yeah, they've been around for years.
from a comfort aspect, i can't see how they're any different from waking up, or woken up by being in a wet bed.
I have a pair of "Peejs" and I have to say they were unusable when new. First off dampness seeped through them. They didn't leave a puddle behind them but the outside and sheets felt damp. Second they were incredibly hot and the material was very unforgeable. I just wore them around the house when it was super cold. They were sort of like snow pants. I destroyed them last year working in my darkroom when I bumped up against a propane heater.
I just got mine the other day and I like them a fair amount. They work very well as an absorbent product and I had no leaks even though I used far more water than my bladder could ever hold and I was rolling and jumping around. The wetness is all very well contained inside the pant, but it is up and down the legs rather than just in the underwear area. They are pretty heavy and I would never wear them on a hot summers night, nor would I every feel comfortable wearing them as daytime sweatpants.

There are only a couple of things that I don't care for and would advise about: 1) They absorb really well and fast, but they feel damp anywhere that moisture is (aka I felt cold and clammy up and down my legs and around the crotch) which could easily cause a rash all over your legs especially if you wet early on in the night. 2) the waistband is not very stretchy and the string to tie them tighter is really cheap and thin. 3) though they are very discreet, the nature of the waterproof lining makes them poofy and when you sit, crouch, or curl up the pants balloon out making them obviously different than regular sleep pants which might attract unwanted attention.

Overall though, they are pretty expensive and not usable year 'round, but I am rather fond of them and they work quite well. I would definitely recommend them to a bedwetter who is self-conscious about wearing goodnites or diapers, but for those of us who enjoy being padded this is all the function and none of the fun of a good diaper which therefore might not be worth the cost.
I was curious about PeeJs but was not in a position to order them when they were around. There is no way I can justify that price though, the Canadian dollar is way too weak at the moment.
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