Pick up your diapers from Staples!

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I see that this topic was posted back in 2013, but I think it bears repeating.

Turns out, Staples sells a pretty healthy variety of incontinence supplies, including Molicare Super Plus diapers. The prices are decent, though not spectacular, but the best part is that you can buy them online and pick them up in the store.

So often we get questions here about where people can get decent quality diapers locally, and we finally have an answer. I wonder if you can buy them in the store . . .

Never would have guessed Staples sells that kind of stuff :confused:

Is this legit?
Perfectly. Click the links and you'll see what I mean.

It's pretty cool, but I wonder how discrete the shipping is.

(A kinda weird thing I noticed... bendy straws are on top of the "Underwear & Pants" section) :confused:
The shipping is not discreet at all. At. All.
And here I thought to myself....gotta be a USA thing. Damn!!! Staples in Canada sells baby diapers as well and a few other support things for them. Damn!!!

"Yes, I would like to order that 3TB external storage you have on sale. And while we are at it, could you also bring me in the largest size of Pampers you have in the warehouse. Thank you"
Expecting Staples to ship something discreet is like expecting Wal-Mart to have everything they sell made in the USA.
Jonnythepony said:
Never would have guessed Staples sells that kind of stuff :confused:

Is this legit?

I'm guessing that most of their diapers are bought by businesses (e.g. nursing homes). I guess if they're buying other office supplies, it's probably easier to buy diapers from the same place as well.
Eh.. Legit but not worth my time.. Xpmedical has the same Molicare.. Cheaper and you get them sooner and discreet
Yes! I coudn't remember wich office store sold these. What is the best diaper you think they sell for a 25" waist 32" hips 5'11 hight 130 pound person?
If you don't know wich ones are good, saying wich ones are bad that look like they would of been good would also help.

//I see they do ship to store. and unlike walmarts sad excuse for ship to store. it actualy ships to a store in my area.

I don't care if it is or is not plastic/cloth backed mainly care about absorption/fit
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They took Abena's off the site a while ago. I was going to use this, and pick them up from the store. Then when I had everything worked out, I go to order them, and they were gone.
I thought with staples it was ship-to-store, pickup?
I remember this, I used to stop by and buy a pack of diapers, some printer paper, and pencil lead back when I used to actually use diapers, it was really odd back then and I thought it was just regional.
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