Pi Day.

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Today is pi day (3.14.15) hope you math people out there enjoy this.
I'm having Lemon Meringue tonight. :)
I might have a Mrs. Bairds cherry one tonight before bed.
We are having banana creame and pumpkin.
I'm having Boston Cream.
It a little over four-and-a-half pi day here... 14.3.15.

(Oh no it isn't; it's the 15th now...)
I love strawberry pie the most, however, springtime for that hasn't arrived yet. I haven't had this years first strawberry pie yet :( .
I was intrigued as to how today's date so beautifully coordinated with the event. Pumpkin anyone?
Pi day was great a success
Oops accidentally hit send. Anyway, my husband had 3 kinds of pie. I just stuck to what I know is safe.
Is pizza a Pi? If so, I ate one today.
Oh yeah, pizza means pie in Italian. We had that too.
I was geocaching and earned a pi-day-souvenir, but nevertheless I think that the date is wrong. An easy rounding error. Because pi is 3,14159... than the really pi-day must be next year: 3/14/16 :D
I thought the 9 meant to party at 9:00 am.
Or pm
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