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Does anyone else like wearing baby diapers and pull-ups more than the ones made for adults
If they fit, sure. I'm only 6 ft 165 lbs and the biggest sizes aren't anywhere near big enough. Goodnites I think are the only ones that I could ever fit into and even that was very tight and hard to move around in without splitting it at the sides.
I would perfer baby diapers myself. Even with my slim body, I still try for something that would fit me.
I do, it's not the best fit but I like them and because I can't find anything in my size, It's the only option.
Besides they're so cute and the scent is great :)
If only they made them in my size... I wear Snuggies; the next best thing IMO.
Well, I like the designs of baby diapers but I'd rather wear diapers that fit me right like Snuggies or Fabines that have the allover print.
Toys R Us still sells Pampers 7s, which fit me fine (I can fit a 6 or even a 5 if I'm careful). 7s though, offer the best, most authentic experience IMO. And they absorb amazingly!
Yep! I love real baby diapers. My current favs are Libero size 7, absorb a ton. Kinda spendy with import shipping from the UK though
I used to wear baby cloth diapers when I was a young adult. I probably can still fit into Toddler sized Gerber plastic pants, which is what I wore back then. I loved the real baby experience that baby products can give.
i do the baby ones too, pampers 6 and 7, just use the tab mod and away we go. Simple and quick for a genuine experience. Also noticed they hold quite a lot and rarely leak.
They don't fit me, but I wear baby diapers/occasionally Pull-Ups inside my underwear. Easily available and inexpensive. Don't hold a whole lot though.
I have to agree with what most people have said so far...I would use real baby diapers if I could, they just do not fit me. I like the designs on baby diapers better than anything made for adults.
Babyish designs are super cute and most definitely more fun in the boring plainness, although I prefer pull-up designs over both of them.
I like baby diapers. The feeling that I get from putting them on, the unique 2 tab construction and prints of baby diapers, and the thought of wearing something actual babies wear makes me feel really little. :smile1: It would be nice though if they fit better. When I wear them, the tightness eventually starts hurting my legs. If only they would make them a few inches longer and wider. :sad:

I also like that the capacity is comparable to some adult diapers. I could get 2 and a 1/2 bladderfuls (~40 oz. I'm guessing) into Pampers Baby Dry size 6 a few years ago. (Just a sidenote: The ones since 2014 are terrible. The back half is so thin that it absorbs very little, leading to pooling and leaks.)
I'd enjoy wearing them except that I am too big. I've tried wearing them and I just greatly prefer wearing a diaper that actually fits me properly. Yeah, they do look cute. But there are several brands such as Bambino, Snuggies, and Aww So Cute that get that aspect and I'd much rather just wear those.
In the days of my youth I wore Curity 21X40. They were the best.
I kniw of companies that offer baby replica diapers that are scented.
.......and are made for adults
What companies are those ?
Spill the beans. AB companies that make adult baby diapers never make them like the real baby diapers are. The real baby diapers have those proportions, the relative weight, the lines and shapes in the prints that give the diapers' appearances their "structure"... Other things, not the least of which being they are actually breathable, unlike the plastic-backed AB diapers. The lack of breathability in AB diapers is the main reason I can't buy them...
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