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I just woke up , put my first morning diaper and made it completely wet ( don't wear during night ), then I placed two plastic pants over it. I'm in heaven now. I love the feeling, I love the smell of full fresh diaper. Follow by my morning coffee , reading news on my phone my day can't start better.

How do you start your day ?
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Get up do a cup of tea and burn some toast followed by another cup of tea then do my daily computer stuff and then feed the dog, then into the shower and wash me and my microfibre Nappy cloths then dry powder etc and on with my new Nappy ready to take on a whole new day.
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If I'm diapered, I'll get up and wet my diaper. I'll turn the coffee on and feed the cats. My first cup of coffee brings on the urge to relieve my bowels, to which I'll happily let slide into my diaper. I like to enjoy this exceptional sensation for about an hr before cleaning up and changing into a nice soft powdered diaper.
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Get up. Take meds. Have a cup of tea or coffee while catching up with email, news, and ADISC. Then have a second cup of tea or coffee with oatmeal, bananas, blackberries, raspberries, and sometimes blueberries.

If it's a great morning, I can relax and stay in my bedtime diapers until sometime after breakfast.
If it's a good morning, eating breakfast triggers my IBS and I need to eat fast to get to the toilet.
If it's a bad morning, my IBS wakes me or starts as soon as I get up. I may be on my 2nd or 3rd diaper change by breakfast.

For those who say don't drink coffee or tea with IBS, my IBS is caused from radiation damage. Even a diet of white rice and water does not settle it down.