People under 25, what are your thoughts on the older people here?


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I'm (only) 37 and read only first post, which I call a big box of shit. We older people haven't right to be as we want ?!!! Is forbidden be ABDL after 20 ?!!!
I hope not every young people think in this way, but if yes, so I feel free to be offended and call those young babies unrespectfull assholes.

May I'm not young, but I'm ABDL. And When I was young I never questioned olders, because they have experience. Is really better listen to them, is helpfull in lot of ways. I still do it and recommend the same to others.

Finally I don't give a shit about my physical age. Still feel 13...


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I'm 24.

I have no problem with the older people here. Heck, I see middle-aged people as basically the backbone of the AB/DL community - never mind that tumblr has convinced us that photogenic 18-to-25-year-olds are most of our number.

I have, however, noticed that AB/DL communities, and indeed most kink and kink-adjacent communities, are generally heavily more conservative than communities in general. This is saddening for me - I don't feel conservative policy reflects a nuanced and well-informed understanding of the challenges I face, which are not uncommon ones.

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I'm older, though not quite in the age range you mentioned, in any case, you'll find that as you grow up you may find that a lot of settings where you interact with people who are considerably older to be a bit odd, a good example is when older people do the same job you do, when you're young and bright eyed and expects to have a career, then finding that some people are older and decided not to progress.

I guess ABDL is a bit different in a sense, since it's almost like a hobby, or perhaps not, do you feel just as weird when you think about the (probable) fact that your parents enjoy some rompy sex?

To me, it seems like it's just part of growing up.