Finished Peeing diry/ Friends to the core (dual story!!)


  1. Diaper Lover
  2. Diaperfur
  3. Sissy
Chapter 1: Discovering diapers
There I am, sitting in my apartment of 4 months on my first day off in weeks. In my free time i usually spent my time watching netflix, playing world of warcraft, and vending gray-legallity things in my town. I had saved up quite a bit of money, working 1 job and having a side job, which is when i decided i should try a diaper. You see, before this point i had only ever peed in my pants, not out of incontinence but out of the desire to pee wherever i went. I hadn't heard of adult babies prior to the point; well i had, but i thought it was a term meaning millenials.

Admittedly, the first time i peed in a diaper i peed in a dirty diaper...what do i mean by that? i stole it. yep. i shoplifted a diaper out of the package. sad right? I hadnt grown the balls to buy one, i was too locked in the "diapers are only for babies and elderly" mindset. at first i thought it was stupid, i looked at myself wearing a big depends diaper in my mirror, and nothing else. It was weird to me, because typically i wore nothing in my apartment, stripping basically at the door when i got home, but i decided to continue anyways.

I threw on a shirt as to hide the diaper from my own view, since i was not that accepting, and hopped on my computer for a nice long session of world of warcraft. With a gallon of water next to my feet and a small bottle of tea on my table, i knew things were going to be interesting.

I was nervous, really, that i would pee too much and pee would flood all over the place, ruining my expensive gaming computer and my chair. this was not the case, i found out suprisingly. Letting go was not as easy as i expected, i figured if i wore a diaper i would just be ab le to let go whenever because i knew i had a diaper on. Such was not the case, as it turns out.

After about an hour and a half into gaming, i ahve to pee. The first thing i did was stand up, and start heading towards the bathroom, until i saw myself in the mirror. I had forgotten i was wearing a diaper, so i looked myself in the mirror and tried to let go and pee. I could get there, almost, if i tried hard. the more i concentrated the closer i got but no matter how hard i tried to let my bladder just go, i had issues. my idea was to go to the bathroom normally, but wear the diaper. So i proceed to the bathroom, and i pee, it comes out almost instantly when i sit on the toilet, something about sitting on a porcelean throne makes it easier to pee for some reason.

At this point, my diaper is soggy, and wet. I decided i was going to take it off after i stood up, but then, as i was standing up, i hit the diaper against the edge of the toilet seat and felt the warm, satisfying squish against my body. I wanted to have that feeling forever, against me. i sat there, and looked at my counter, thoughts running rampant through my head. I put my butt up to the counter, and plopped onto it, the warmth going everywhere on my buttocks and genatalia. I went back to my computer, knowing i could feel that for hours if i stayed there. so i did.

Chapter 2: a friend finds my diapers

About two weeks later, i was confident enough to buy a package of my own adult diapers. I was so happy when i got home, immediately i took one out of the package and slipped them on. it was relieving, after a week to finally be in a diaper again, there is no other feeling quite like it.

I decided to game all day that day, minus a break every once and a while for food and to sell. My phone was dead most of the morning, so i was intently focused on wow, letting pee slip into my diaper through little squirts so i didnt flood my diaper.

Around 1 pm, my friend texted me, they wanted to smoke. I said "sure! come on over! i'm just playing wow if you wanna join me." now, i was smart about taking my diaper off then, right after the phone call i ran to the bathroom and slipped off my diaper and took a quick shower as to not smell like my own pee, and changed clothes, disposing of the diaper in my trash can and finishing a bag of chips to cover it up in the trash.

my friend arrives, around 30 minutes later, with her laptop and a bag of leafy stuff, so we started gaming. Now, my computer is in my bedroom, so my friend had to set her laptop up in my bedroom. As she is setting it up, i notice that my diapers are sittign on my bookshelf, in clear view, if anyone were to really look at my books. Figuring if i were to grab it and try to hide them it would draw attention to them, i decided it was better to let them stay there and pray my friend doesnt look at my bookshelf.

This idea was either bad or good, i still am undecided. about halfway through our session i notice my friend looking my bookshelf, but i decided to not say anything because if she DIDNT see my diapers, she would definately see them if i spoke up. everything continues as normal. Until she leaves.

After she got home, about a 30 minute drive, she texted me

You have some interesting books

What could she mean by that i thought, i have books she even said were good books before..and then i remembered that the diapers were on the bookshelf...i felt doomed, i felt disgusting, but alas i replied to her
"Yea i guess you could say that how come?"

well, one of them was barely even a book. I didnt know you got your grandma diapers?

THANK GOD i think to myself, she thinks i was getting them for my grandma. this was an inside joke bewteen us though, sort of. the first time she met my grandma, my grandma was sky high on painkillers and could barely speak, so we often brought her up when joking about stuff. I knew she had to have seen they were open, she obviously was joking, grudgingly i respond a few minutes later
" well...umm... i dont really get them for my grandma, i kind of got them for a craft i was doing" why did i say that? i dont know, what crafts could you do with diapers??!!!

Crafts eh? Well you'll have to show me when you're done! i figured you were just a diaper lover lol

"what is a diaper lover?," i didnt know at the time, i thought i was really the only one that wore them for fun "is that like some sort of fetish or something lmao"

Kinda, some people just like wearing diapers cause its convient, some people get off, some people its both

i asked her why she knew so much about the topic, and she then texted back two words, that opened an entire new ream for me and her

I'm one.

SHE was a diaper lover too. me and my friend went to the park the next day and started talking about it, apparently she wasn't as much of a diaper lover as just an adult baby, which is cool too just not my thing. at least we can relate on loving diapers! She was TOTALLY cool with me wearing them and she even let me wear some around her when she was over a couple times, and one time she even slipped into one herself.