peed in my first diaper today


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today i managed to grab a diaper from my baby cousin. i opened the Velcro on the pull-up and put it inside of my underwear (pull-up would not fit on me) i then pulled my underwear up and it immediately felt good on my dick. i rubbed it a bit before i decided to release my (almost) full badder. as i pee i feel the diaper expanding below me, and i love the warmth on my balls and soon to be on my ass. I risked it (leaking) and kept going, if this diaper leaked, it would’ve been all over my underwear, so I should’ve stopped, but at that point, I didn’t even care. the pee stopped. I waited a bit before touching the diaper because I knew it was going to overflow. I pull down my underwear and see that it has almost absorbed all of my pee so pull my underwear back on and waited one more minute. I started walking around the bathroom with it and it felt extremely nice and squishy. I’m surprised I didn’t get hard. it was so nice of against my dick I then adjusted the diaper and pulled it slightly back just under my asshole. I didn’t really have to shit but I pushed anyway and a couple pebbles came out. I began to walk around with it some more and Pee a little bit more. I squished it a couple times then dumped it. At this point, I was absolutely so hard. It was kind of a pain to clean up because I had shit. Someone actually question what I was doing in there because I was taking so long. I would never go out and buy diapers because I cannot risk my parents seeing them or me in them. I have thought about purposely went in the bed nights on end and I would assume they would put me in diapers eventually, but never went through with it and I probably won’t because I’m a little scared and I probably won’t overcome that anyway. This is why I stick to making my homemade diapers if you didn’t see that, look most recent thread before this one
Sounds like you had a mostly fun experience.

FYI if you start bed wetting to get diapers I can basically guarantee you that parents will take you to doctors & specialists for tests & medications / procedures long before diapers are even brought up.
Its not fair on your parents nor the health system.
You might need to wait to enjoy diapers more regularly once you've moved out
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