Peachy is now general manager

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As was announced last month, I'm appointing Peachy as manager of ADISC. This gives him some important new responsibilities that enable me to focus my very scarce free time on technical problems.

His new responsibilities include:
(1) making sure issues in the requests and system messages forums are resolved in a timely manner. This includes name changes, dealing with alt accounts, etc.
(2) appointing a wiki manager who will whip the wiki into shape, and generally growing the wiki (quality first, quantity second). More generally, he should appoint people as needed to make sure the site is well taken care of. Another example would be a newsletter writer (or team of writers) who will produce a monthly newsletter.
(3) hiring / firing moderators as necessary to keep the site well-run
(4) generally providing leadership
(5) drawing up a list of bug fixes and feature requests which users want, and sending me this list as a PM on a regular basis

He is *not* responsible for:
(1) Reviewing reputation scorings
(2) Making any changes to the site's code
(3) Changing site config settings
(4) Changing site rules (though he can ask me to change them)

In addition, several other changes have been made. One is that historical donors no longer have a pink color - that is reserved for people with currently active donations.
Another is that I'm officially discontinuing the practice of paying for Google ads which promote ADISC. I would prefer we work on building up the content on our wiki, and getting natural links from good sites, rather than paying for exposure. This does not affect the ADISC budget, as the Google ads have always been financed out of my own pocket.
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