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I would just like to know what you guys are rocking in terms of hardware.
I will start off with my computer pictures are encouraged but not required
Dual Xeon e5 2670
Gigabyte ga-7pesh2
Asus DirectCUII Radeon r9 390x
24gb ddr3 1333 ecc reg
Rm1000 Psu
Nanoxia Deep silence 6
Samsung 850 evo 250gb
1tb wd blue
Custom watercooling loop for cooling.
As for peripherals I have
Razer blackwidow Keyboard
Cyborg rat 7 mouse
lg 29um67 monitor20150830_210558.jpg
note this picture is a bit old but it is similar to my computer as it is today
My PC is nearly 9 years old (except the SSD), but still pretty quick.

Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz CPU
Asus P6T SE motherboard
Corsair H50 CPU liquid cooler
12GB DDR3 1600MHz CL8
nVidia GeForce GTX480 (I'm not a gamer!)
750W PSU (one of the better Corsair ones, I think)
Antec P193 BTX case (1x300mm fan, 2 x 200 mm fans, 4 x 150mm fans + PSU fan)

1 x IDE HDD (Yeah, really. With ribbon cables and jumpers and stuff!)
3 x SATA II HDDs (WD Black/Caviar)
1 x IDE CD/DVD drive
1 x PCIe SSD -- 240GB Kingston HyperX Predator. (1400MB/s peak read speed. Makes up for the IDE drive, eh?!)

BenQ G2420HDBL 24" LED backlit monitor. (Very comfortable to look at, but poor colour accuracy.)

And a delightfully ergonomic Microsoft Internet PS/2 keyboard and Logitech Trackman Marble (a PS/2 trackball).

It currently triple-boots Arch Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7.

It looks something like this:
Desktop is also fairly old, still does what I need though.. only very recently starting to consider an upgrade (and honestly if I crammed some more ram into it I'd probably be good for awhile still).

CPU: i7 960
Ram: 12G of something`erother
HD: 128G SSD (I have a sizable file server though)
Vid: 2x GeForce GTX 650 Ti (have 4 monitors, all 24" but cheap-end)
Everything else is pretty standard.

Runs Gentoo Linux.
Hear is a list of what I put in

I just built this PC :
Intel Xeon E3 Bundle which had :
8 Gig Kingston Fury X memory
MSI H97 gaming mother board
Xeon E3 CPU
Then I had to buy the following :
EVGA GTX 970 Hybird 4GB (water cooled)
Corsair Hydro H100i GTX 240mm (water cooling)
Coolmaster B2 series 600 W power supply

Will soon double the memory and add two more screens for my racing game. Might even get a new case.

forgot to mention. I do content creation, video editing etc. that is why my computer is overkill. and cinebench scores of over 2000 do not lie. I Game a lot also and the xeons hold up fine even in single threaded games and the 390x is one hell of a card for both rendering and gaming. and with the deals on used e5 2670s on ebay it isn't even that expensive(120 dollars for the pair of cpus and 250 for the motherboard). I also have a nas, but it is literally just my old pc re-purposed. it has a 250gb drive, a 500 gb drive and a 640gb drive. it has a q6600 and 4gb ram, and boots nas4free off of a usb drive
AMD FX8350 4.0 OC @ 4.8GHZ Stable
16GB G.skill Ripjaws Ram DDR3
Asus Crosshair IV Formula V ROG motherboard
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 4GB
Blu-Ray Optical
Corsair 1000Watt Gold Modular PSU
256GB Coarsair Neuron SSD Primary
1TB Corsair SSD Gaming files Only
X2 3TB Data HDD
X1 2TB Data HDD
Corsair Liquid Cooling for CPU
And Of course various LED Fans and Light Bars Green to match my RAZER gear

Had this Rig going on three years now, still have yet to find a game to Bog it down,
i set my upgrade goals on 5 years for the GPU
7 for the CPU and Motherboard
and i still have Two Ram slots open for extending the 16GB to 32GB if needed
and i have been tacking on Hard drives as needed to keep my massive Data mine running.
(i may not pirate anymore in the conventional sense but i RIP Netflix DVD's and Video Store DVD's
as well as Rake in as much music and programs as i can possibly get from other Legal sources
and i do personal software "mods" all of which are well within the legal loopholes of the american
millenial Digital copyright laws) i have always been the Real life variant of hermaous Mora, and
my hard drives are essentially the Halls Of apocrypha. if it gets Lost on the interwebz it probbably
has a backup on one of my hard drives. just doing some splunking on my 2TB i ran across old Pics From
new year Y2K 8 year old Me in the old 1st gen Goodnites and my older sister before she moved out.
Uh oh. I smell a pc bragfest coming up!
I'll bite only because I just upgraded.

X99 mbo with i7-5820k 6 core oc to 4.1ghz with kraken x-61 aio water block
32gb 3000mhz quad channel ram
512 gb Samsung 950. M.2 (32gb/s)
Evga gtx 980 Ti, running at 1450 with aio water block
2 x asus 4k displays
Corsair k95 kb, orbweaver, g500s mouse

My old x79 with a i7-3820 and 16 gb ram went to my wife. 256gb Sammy 850 pro.
K95 keyboard, g300 mouse

Two kids have i7-950 systems with gtx960. 4 or 8 gb ram, and new sammy ssd 850 as well.

Last kid has a z170 board with an i5-6600k, 8gb, 250gb 950 m.2 ssd, and a gtx 960

Everyone has cloud ii headsets as well.

There are also two ultrabooks, a few laptops, and tablets.
MINE! (built for me by the founder of FluffyWaddles!) My first true gaming PC that can play just about anything!

Intel Core i7-4790K Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.40 GHz)
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Super Clocked ACX 2.0 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB DDR3 RAM
Hitachi 2TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM 3.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive
Samsung 850 Pro 128GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD
Overseer RX-I Full Tower Case
Noctua NH-D15 6 heatpipe with Dual NF-A15 140mm fans
LG Electronics Internal Super Multi Drive Optical Drives GH24NSC0B
Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound
Gigabyte Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card Components Other GC-WB867D-I
Cooler Master V750 - Compact 750W 80 PLUS Gold Modular PSU
Logitech G105 920-003371 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G700s gaming mouse

tiny said:
My PC is nearly 9 years old (except the SSD), but still pretty quick.

Not bad at all for an older system! The GTX 480 can, to some extent, still handle a decent bit of newer games. You can play No Man's Sky in June if you like exploration games and space games xD
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Laptop user here :3

Clevo P770DM-G
i7 6700K (4.0Ghz with 160mV undervolt)
GTX 970M - 6GB vRAM
16GB 2133Mhz DDR4 RAM
250GB Samsung 850 Evo m.2 SSD
512GB Crucial M550 2.5" SSD
1TB HGST 7k1000 HDD
17.3" LG IPS 1080p Gsync panel
Core i7 3820 3.6 GHZ CPU
Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard
Prolimatech Megahalems Cooler
16GB (4 x 4GB) Corsair Dominator DDR3 2133MHz RAM
Sapphire Radeon Fury Tri-X 4GB GPU
512GB Crucial M4 SSD
2 x Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB HDDs
Corsair HX650 PSU
Antec P180B Case
Dell UH2701 27" Monitor

The guts of the machine are now about four years old, but with the exception of the GPU, I haven't really seen much value in upgrading.
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So i have a Mac 8gb ram, i7 2011 model :p #Windows #Is #Hard #To#Use
I like osx too. would probably use it in the future if apple decided to support vulkan rather then there stupid metal that will get literally no support. I use apple laptops
CPU i7-4790K
RAM 16GB 2400 CL11
SSD 256GB SM951 NVMe

To mention the main parts. Silent case, air cooled with a couple of Noctua fans.
I don't really buy a new PC, I just exchange parts from time to time. Biggest upgrade was the CPU back when Devils Canyon came out. Pretty good point to upgrade from my Core2 looking back now, would have regretted waiting for the current stuff. (plus exchange rates were better back then)
CPU I7- 3370K
MotherboardAsus Sabertooth Z77
RamCorsair Vengeance 16GB 1600MHz
GPUMSI GeForce GTX 780 Ti Gaming 3GB
CaseCorsair Graphite 600T White
SSDSamsung 850 Pro 512GB
SSD2x Intel 520 120GB
CPU CoolingCorsair Hydro H100i

my latest update was the Samsung SSD, i needed more for my C drive.
rosewill challenger case, newegg house brand.
asrock b75-pro 3 mobo I think. something like that.
intel 3570k cpu (Didn't realize my mobo couldn't OC it. Though I did see a OC Tweaker in the bios. But honestly I wouldn't push it more then .2-.4 Ghz even if i had a good after market cooler.)
r9 380 GPU.
8GB of drr3-1600 speed ram ripjaws from gskill.
250GB samsung 840 evo (i did the firmware patches for it's speed issues)
some 1TB HDD
and a 5TB hitatchi 720 rpm HDD that I got in early-mid 2015 for storage of steam games and such stuff.
My cheap laptop

HP 15-r263dx
15.6" screen
Intel Pentium N3540
Windows 10

It does what it needs to do just fine though, since my PC is much better. I often use the laptop to remote access games run from the PC. (when my router and network aren't being evil)
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