Paw patrol things you'd love to see for real.

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watching the show I'm finding things both in it and things not in it that I would love to see! I'll start

Pup Pup Bogie( the only way I'd play a DDR type game)

pet stuff( leashes and dog dishes like what you see in the show and maybe costumes)

Summer stuff( kites,and pool floats of them and Zuma and his hovercraft especially! and their Dolphin raft.)

Auto(decals,license plate frames,seat and steering wheel covers,floor mats)

camping( their sleeping bags)

Party stuff(Mainly Balloons in the shape of the pups, I was pissed they haven't done that!)

Paw patrol diapers/training pants (Because it would be awesome)
Paw patrol swim diapers ( showing Them all having fun getting wet while rocky is pissed that he is wet)

music from the show(on iTunes)

Clothing and textiles (adult sized and things like cloth to make your own things)

That's all I have for the moment but I bet I'll add more as I think of it.
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What about this?
Well that's ok because It's still very awesome!
That is cool! I don't have a suit butI still want it! I didn't know that print came in cotton or that color.
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