Pampers Crusiers Ultra: The return of an old name?

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So anyway, while browsing the web for diapers (baby; I don't care for adult diapers), I came across Walgreens' website. Being a Rewards member, I wanted to see what deals I could get on diapers and found I could save $2 on a pack of Pampers. Going through their selection of Pampers, I came across an exclusive line of them called Cruisers Ultra.

Going through the description, I'm not seeing just how different they are compared to REGULAR Cruisers. According to P&G, the only difference is their "Absorb Away Liner". Now I'm not quite sure what they mean by this feature or whether or not it's similar to the mesh they once put into the old Cruisers diapers years ago.

I'm assuming that the "fit" wouldn't be much different than standard Cruisers with the exception of added padding if any at all.

If anyone has experience with these diapers, please feel free to add your info here as I'm curious to know what it's like.

Sizes available from 3-6 (No Size 7).
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