Pagents and modeling for scholarships

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I needed your opinion on something. I am trying to get into an expencive college. This summer I am taking free credit courses (donated to tech school students to overcome adversity...some colleges think tech schools are for the dumb kids when its really the oppisite. now technical highschools are full of nerds lol) These courses will get me bumped to the AP class. Im taking algebra2 and computer science. Nextn year i can jump up to pre calcuas if i do that (and ill only be a junior next year)

My mom brought up modeling now... or beauty pagents. It seems like fun and I think it may be a self esteem booster BUT I'd have to look nice and get dolled up. In order to afford that, id need a part time job. My mom is enrolling my sister and I to see if we can win scholarships (my sister is . Shes paying for my sister but leaving me on my own... so i MUST get a job to do this... do you think its worth it?

I wnt the scholarship. I also dont want to enter if i dont stand a chance... Ill show you a pic soon. Im also a bit afraid it might make my eating disorder act up if im told to fit in something.

so whats your opinionn? Do you think modeling is worth it? I'll need a job.

If i doo modeling this will be my summer : college courses, babysitting, job,modeling, and whatever time i have left w/ my girlfriend

what do you think?



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Generally, in the pageant circuit you have three categories. Natural, Semi-Glitz, and Glitz.

The older you get, the more expensive you get.

If you are pretty, you have a chance at Natural. With Natural you can usually wear off the rack clothing, and a bare minimum of makeup, and nothing fancy with your hair. Basically, you would dress like you are going to a nice dinner. However, Natural pageants don't base just on looks, they rely heavily on your grace, how you carry yourself, your talent, and your personality. Entry fees for Natural pageants usually don't exceed the hundreds, but the prizes are also quite low, I can't see a scholarship being offered for a Natural pageant.

Semi-glitz you will also have a chance at, but because it's semi-glitz you start getting into the glitz part of it. That means you will most likely have to hire a coach to help you with all the categories, (especially talent.) They will start watching at your specific wave, stand, smile, head tilt, etc... Things that aren't really watched as carefully as Natural pageants. You will have to start buying nicer clothing, which could run into the hundreds, however off-the-rack could still work. I'd also suggest tanning, teeth-whitening, etc.... You will also need a make-up artist if you want to have a chance.

Now Glitz, there is no way. Firstly, you better hope you have a slammin' body, and if you don't, you better have tons of money. Putting yourself in Glitz pageants would defeat the purpose of trying to win a scholarship, since what you'd spend could pay for everything you need. Dresses and talent costumes will run you in the thousands, if you don't have perfectly white and straight teeth, you'll have to invest in flippers. You will most definitely need a talent coach, make-up artist, and someone to tan you. And entry fees run into the thousands easily.

There are several other things you must keep in mind with any sort of pageant.
1) A lot of girls start before the age of 9 or 10, a lot in their infancy, as young as 3 months old.
2) Depending on where you live, you will need lots of money to travel, that includes gas, food, and room expenses. Even if you can start out in the smaller pageants in your home town, you will have to travel for the state and national pageants, and its the large ones that have big prizes, such as scholarships.
3) It takes a LOT of time.
4) You need natural grace, beauty, and talent. If you don't have those (I don't know you to say whether you do or not, so judge yourself), then don't bother.

Now for modelling.... Never, EVER pay to model. The only thing you'd pay for is headshots (they can't pay for everything). But the thigns like "pay 500 become a model!" are bullshit agencies who just want your money. So it would be fairly cheap to model. However, you have to find the time and finainces to travel to open talent searches, or find a way to the actual modeling agencies to hand in a resume. Now if you are going to be handing out resumes, you need to have headshots, which, depending on the photographer, can be fairly cheap. However - a pic with your digital cam won't cut it.

What I suggest, is instead of taking a gamble on pageants or modeling, is to do as many things as you can (job, academics) to help you get the money. If all else fails, remember there is loans... There is always a way for someone to go to college, you just have to search for them.
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