Packaging, does it matter that much?

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So I saw that thread for the new amors, and while they do indeed look completely amazing, propel were almost as impressed with the plastic bags the came in. While the bags do look very nice, it's really just a shipping and containment container when it comes down to it. I was honestly quite surprised that people were going that nuts over packaging, it's not a bad thing, it's just really interesting. Usually, abdl diapers come in plain clear sacks, but now they seem to come in even more detailed and nice packaging. While it's cool and cute, I really don't see the point as these aren't sold in stores where packaging would be a big deal to rope the consumer in.
While decorative packaging is always pleasing to the eye, my prime need is "description" of the product. This is especially true when making decisions as to which pullup and pad product while give me maximum amount of saturation. The coloring of the package is really of no concern to me but a detailed picture on the product is of great importance however. This even applies to when I am looking at things like "goodnights" that I might be able to squeeze into or even baby diapers that I may be able to fashion into boosters.
Well the reason why diapers in the mail get nicer packaging is because they have to undergo more potential abuse to get to you. You see the supplier wants to make sure the diapers don't get damaged in transit correct? So they tend to use better packaging to make sure they don't get damaged. As for the advertising well because the business has fewer ways to advertise (such as someone selling AB diapers because they want to be discreet in order to not scare away the customers for example) so companies like that definitely would use every opportunity to advertise discreetly.

Ironically I use packaging after I get the diapers out for a very useful purpose. You see I use them to package already soiled diapers in order to contain the smell because they are a plastic bag when one thinks about it. So I tend to "recycle" that for a purpose that I simply need to do in order to be courteous to other people anyways.
I think for some it's because most don't have a fancy little package on them, and this might make them feel more like it's a package of infant / toddler diapers which does have stuff on the package? Maybe? Not sure. I know lots of people loved the Snuggies packages when they first came out. I'm guessing it's something like that. It's just someone special / new / not normally done.
The only thing about Snuggies and the new DC Amor packaging is the fact that they look nice to display.
I don't think many ABDLs are going to be buying bad diapers because of great packaging but a good diaper with better packaging is going to generate some positive feelings and possibly more purchases.
Great packaging doesn't mean a thing if the diapers are crap. All it is ultimately is eye candy.
Packaging is like the cherry on an ice cream sunday. It doesn't really matter, but if you've got something that's already really, it adds that extra little bit to make it great.
Maybe some abdl's can use the packaging as a hand bag or carrying case XD
I love seeing cute packaging. Adult diapers are pretty plain, but I buy goodnites and pampers from time to time and don't even want to take them out of their bag/box
Mattew said:
and this might make them feel more like it's a package of infant / toddler diapers which does have stuff on the package? Maybe?
That's exactly what it is.

I mean, I can get not agreeing that it's something to care about... but this doesn't seem particularly complicated a thing to understand.

It's the same sort of thing where to some people a poorly performing "dress diaper" is the end all be all to them because it helps them with the headspace... because the AB in ABDL is all about headspace for a lot of people... For me, a non-functional diaper that really looks the part doesn't do it for me, but I can easily understand the mentality of people to whom it does.

Anyway, for me, if the diaper doesn't perform well (for my usage), it's not going to matter how nice it or the packaging looks. But if it does perform well, and it also comes in packaging that looks either like the packaging of current baby diapers... or baby diapers from the time I grew up... even better. Just another added accessory / nice touch.
Yeah, I think that's what it is. Packaging really isn't a big deal to me. I just keep everything in storage tubs or out of the way, until I'm waiting to use them. I think it'd be a bigger deal to someone that's made this a life-style, & are wanting to have packages of diapers to place on or near their change table or in their nursery.

I will sometimes indulge in a printed diaper. I personally really love the SDK from ABU, it's in the same pattern as the first diaper that I ever had the chance of trying out once I was potty trained. There's just something about that print that gets me. It just brings back so many fond memories. I'd probably flip out, if ABU placed them in a package that was similar to the Pampers that they are recreating. (I'm not talking about an exact copy of the package, since that'd be illegal, but something that just resembles it.)

True, I still wouldn't have the package out on display, but it'd be something that I'd personally find neat / interesting / cool.
it doesnt matter. but it helps the aspect of when someone does buy it they are happier in a way to see the cute packaging or whatever it may be.
For me, Crinklz' packaging was what brought them from 'I guess I'll try those sometimes' to 'OMG, GOTTA HAVE!!!' - and I'll always choose a diaper in adorable packaging over one in plain packaging, and I love that there's at least 3 kinds of diapers doing this now. It just adds to the 'fantasy' for me to see packs of what seem to be baby diapers instead of adult ones in my closet, especially when there's a range of them.
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