Overnight Boosters (Rearz)

Are Rearz Overnight Booters worth a buy?

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been wondering about these for a bit, since i usually get the tykables ones, how are they? comparable at all?
Can't speak on Tykables boosters, haven't tried them in a long time. But I really like the Rearz Overnight boosters, they're very thick, plush & soft, hold a lot.
They have the same dimensions as the ABU Euro boosters(even though advertising says they're longer) but IMO they're softer, a little thicker, hold more, wick wetness a little more effectively, adhesive strip on the back is a plus as well. They also don't burst as easy as the ABU Euro boosters.

Been through a good number of cases of the Overnights and they're my favorite booster currently. Definitely worth a try if you like your boosters plush and need them to hold a lot.
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ONly If your stacking multiples, for MAX POOF FACTOR!
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well i ordered em, hopefully i enjoy dem o,o
DiaperedDragon said:
ONly If your stacking multiples, for MAX POOF FACTOR!
silly! xP
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they are good if you like a thick booster, the ones I like the best of what I have used are the Bambino 50 gram. The Bambino is not as thick but will absorb and swell up a lot as it gets wet.
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I have tried both of the Rearz boosters, the NorthShore large, ABU US, and Tykables boosters. All of them except the Tykables have an adhesive strip.

The ABU and NorthShore large look identical to me.

The Rearz InControl with a published capacity of 1300 ml is a bit more narrow than the rest.

The Rearz Overnight and Tykables Dubblers are about identical in length and width as NorthShore and ABU.

The Rearz Overnight and Tykables boosters are over twice as thick as the NorthShore large and ABU boosters, and both swell up a lot, with a bigger waddle factor.

According to their website, NorthShore offers even larger boosters, but I haven't tried them yet.