Out and about in cloth diapers


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Today I am venturing out into the wild in a cloth nappy.
Disposables tick all boxes for me and will always be my first choice. But they still never quite get as bulky as I want to get to.
I have always been curious about cloth nappies as obviously they can be made as bulky as you want.
I have tried a few times over the years but have never found any that work for me. Either not fitting, or the Velcro is uncomfortable etc.
However last year I found rearz pocket nappies that use inserts. They are just about perfect for me.
I’ve worn them around the home quite happily and very short walks to post box etc.
Today is the first day I’m venturing on a prolonged outing.
I didn’t quite realise how thick id made them until I was walking down the path to the car.
I’m loving the bulk. No disposable has ever really made me seriously have to waddle. These are definitely doing that. Just missing the crinkle a disposable gives.
It’s going to be interesting how they hold up for a day out.
Have a good day!
I wear double cloth contour diapers, Snappi(s), and plastic pants when I go out of the house. To make this less obvious I bought jeans that are looser fitting so that they’re not visible. They work well and I’ve even spent 4-6 hours on my ‘06 Dyna Wide Glide wearing them to deal with my dual ic. There are times when I’ll wear Abena M-4s if the logistics of cloth is too difficult, but still wear plastic pants over them in a “belt and suspenders” approach to preventing leaks.