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When was the last time you all ordered from them and have any one done it recently?
It was last summer when they started shipping their pink teddy diapers and got them in a week.
i ordered one of their pacifiers when it was on sale, some thing happened to my order and they sent me a sample of 3 of the teddy diapers and 2 more pacifiers to make up for it, good company to buy from, i did this order maybe 4 months ago
Ordering from AwwSoCute is something I won't be doing a second time. I ordered a onesie from them and after I submitted my payment a month went by without receiving the onesie or even a confirmation email. On my second attempt to contact them, they finally shipped my onesie, which I received a full 6 weeks after I ordered it. After weeks of waiting, when I finally did receive the onesie it was a piece of junk. For starters, I ordered a large but I suspect I received a small, as the onesie they sent was waaaaay too small to even put on, and was tighter on my upper body than small haynes t-shirt. As if the sizing wasn't bad enough, the onesie had only three super-cheap snaps at the crotch. The snaps were of such poor quality that 2 of the 3 wouldn't even snap closed when I wasn't wearing the onesie - they just didn't work.

After 6 weeks of waiting and $30 spent, all I have to show for it is a lesson learned: don't order from this company, they are a ripoff/waste of money.
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