Ordered wrong size in kiddo sailors.


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HI. I've ordered some kiddo sailors which I have here. But I have ordered large instead of medium by mistake. large is 39'' waist and I'm a 36''waist. not had them before so don't know what there sizings are like. I haven't opened the bag. so should I keep them or return them? any one know?
Just resell them ✨
A lot of people here are fans of doubling their diapers. Put one of your other diapers inside of this one and try doubling. Could be fun!
I am a 35" waist and I can only wear large. They should still be wearable even if they are too big. You can try to sell them online but it will be tough to be honest.
thanks for the replys. I've tried one on. wearing right now. not wet it yet but it seems ok. all I did really was just pull the tapes a little tighter than I would of needed to with the medium. but yeh, seems all ok.