Opinions on Bambino diapers?


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I noticed that Bambino is having a sale, and that their prices are pretty reasonable. I'm thinking about getting some, but I'd like some of you guy's honest opinions. I am thinking about getting the cloudees.
Their diapers are very nice and soft and was my introduction into ABDL diapers. While I haven’t tried the Cloudees yet, I really like the Bellísimos, both the hook and loop Version 2 and the original taped variety. The capacity is also pretty good.
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They were also my first abdl diapers, I got them a month ago. Everytime I put one on I'm surprised how soft it is. So all in all, really good diapers in my opinion :p
I got myself the Bellísimos V2.
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Oooh tempting , awesome prices wow
Bambino produces a good diaper. They still blow away anything in the mainstream market. But you can easily find better diapers in the ABDL market.

If Bambino has a sale, it’s worth splitting the difference of the above and springing for a case. I have occasionally availed myself of deep discounts, though it makes me wonder about the health of their business that they seem to be in perpetual sale-mode.
I have a few packs of them myself! The Biancos, Classico V2s and Bellissimo V2s! The white Biancos seem to be a bit bulkier than the print ones in my experience? They’re all very soft and comfortable around my tush, though! Very crinkly and cute, too. 😌
You can't go wrong with Bambino. Their quality control has remained consistent for over a decade. Their overall design has not been altered, nor have they been thinned out their diapers for over a decade. And their price is very reasonable, with free shipping. Bambino diapers are high in quality, with a bargain basement price!
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paddedn7 said:
I noticed that Bambino is having a sale, and that their prices are pretty reasonable. I'm thinking about getting some, but I'd like some of you guy's honest opinions. I am thinking about getting the cloudees.
Their classico was my very first adult diaper and I am in love with their Bellissimo diapers as well. I haven't tried the Cloudees but I am a big fan of their diapers. The only thing that might be a knock against them is I've found they don't hold as much as leak before some other brands.
I have several Bambino diapers in my stash. I like them a lot. My favorites are the Bellissimo with hook and loop, Classico all over print. They are a comfortable diaper. Definitely worth the buy.
I haven't worn Bambino diapers for a while, but I've never had a bad experience with them. I especially liked the Magnificos with their stretchy sides. Rumor has it that the sides are less stretchy in the latest run. I might have to see for myself.

The dinosaur print is cute, but I sometimes wonder whether it's an allusion to the true age of the wearer. :rolleyes: :ROFLMAO:
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Never ordered them before. None of the patterns really speak to me. That is a good sale though...
They are running a half off sale for one style but when you actually click it it’s only 25%…
if they are plastic backed ,,,,sounds perfect
They routinely have pretty awesome sales, and have a pretty great selection. Very soft and awesome absorbency. Some of my faves personally. Had a bellissimo on today while snowboarding and was in constant comfort
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Castronauts are the best !
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I love the all white Biancos. They are pretty thick and beyond crinkly. I love all white thick plastic diapers so these fit the bill perfectly.I also for some reason like how they look and fit on me.
Bambino Classico v2 diapers have become one of my favorite diapers. Although I consider myself DL and not AB, I like the print and they are what I refer to as a "Goldilocks" diaper, i.e., just right for night time absorbency and discreet enough for day time wear and wetting. I just think I talked myself into one for work today.
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I really like Bambino diapers. They fit my body type really well. Also they do always seem to have a sale going on. In the past I have basically purchased every style they have in two sizes medium and large. So I have a lot of variety of bambino. But let's face it I have a lot of variety of all the diapers. Maybe too much.
Haven't had them for some time now ,but they do have some very cute diapers ...