Operation Imminent lol

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Well, the day has come, my Stoma operation is tomorrow. Friday 3rd July

Don't know the time yet obviously but I have to be there at 0700

Here's hoping that it all goes to plan. They are doing it keyhole surgery but they still estimate I'll be there for 7-10 days because of all the other complications (illnesses and disabilities)

Hopefully I'll recover quick and be allowed out after 3-5 days which is the average normal patients' recovery time lol

Wish me luck ? :D
Good luck with your operation hopefully your recovery will be smooth and quick
Rob110 said:
Good luck with your operation hopefully your recovery will be smooth and quick

Thank you hunny :) *hugs*
I wish you well with your operation and recovery
Good luck! Keep us posted!
I work with someone who had that surgery and all went well. Good luck.
Good luck.
Definitely wish you good luck and all the best for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!
Best wishes, gentle lady. As soon as you are able, please let us know how you are doing.
Good luck to you. Those things are scary to me. And I hope you get better really quickly too. :hugs:
I'm wishing you well too. I'm sorry that you'll have to stay so long because of complications, but better safe than sorry. When I had my back surgery, I was home in less than 24 hours, if you can imagine that.
A huge thank you to all :)

Well I'm here on the other side of the "operating table" consultant came to see me last night, he said it went to plan, he didn't have to open me up either as he planned not to, he managed it all with laparoscopy I think he called it.

Other than the usual amount of pain plus more due to my broken pain/nervous system, I think I am ok :)

Couple teething problems with my own medication where my pregabalin was 2 hours late, they held back my baclofen until I absolutely insisted that the spasms and cramps in my tummy area would not be continued to be welcomed, they FINALLY let me have it but being two hours too late already, I was in agony for a while.

Then came "bedtime" meds which they said I couldn't until 2200 to give the 6 hour difference that my pregabalin is supposed to have, didn't end up being given it until 23something with the sheer amount of people due to have meds. This was when I noticed my Quinine Sulphate wasn't there. I queried it with the nurse and she was confused too because it Had been prescribed with my 0800 meds....

Those of you who know what the drug is USUALLY prescribed for, will know that having it at 0800 is as about as useless as a chocolate teapot. (It's prescribed for my NIGHTTIME spasms and cramps)


Why I do not recall anyone warning regarding the fact it would fill with blood and lots of VERY audible comedy fart noises for the first day and night?! Lol xD I swear it's so loud my entire bed-bay can hear!! Hehe! xD

I have a patient controlled drip with morphine which Is restricted per hour. Which is actually causing me A LOT of pain at the mo (well, the cannula is, it's on the inside of my wrist and currently bent up if I use my hand so I am gong to call a nurse for help in a minute.

I also have some pump up "air" boots attached to my legs, which keeps making me think Nike, Marty and Doc :)

I am a high risk of clots already, never mind after my op and not being able to move...

Anyway, I can see staff and need to talk about my cannula so I'd best get off. Will use this post to keep up with updates. :)

Best wishes,

Vimes x
Glad to hear things are going well.

It is frustrating to have difficulties getting the correct medications, but at least they will give them. I have had a couple extended stays in a hospital and and discovered that medication prescriptions would drop out every so often. A doctor had to renew the medications individually according to the software rules. Vitamins and stool softners were every 10 days. Heavier medications were progressively more often. We learned to work through the frustrations.

Have you been able to fix the cannula (IV)? I know that those can be located away from the wrist joint. Half-way up the forearm is where they are most commonly placed on me and that place is relatively pain free.

Before my first surgery (outpatient), the technician had placed mine at the back of my wrist right at the joint and it hurt with any little movement. When I complained, a nurse promised to take care of it and I woke up 4 hours later after surgery. Again, I complained about it and requested it be removed this time. The nurse simply started explaining why it had to be there told me and when it would be removed. At that point, I said "Ok" and started reaching to do it myself. She suddenly became very eager to help.

Hope you recover quickly and get to leave soon. Best of luck.
It's nice hearing what's happening, CaptainVimes.

I anyway hope it works out. So get healthy again as soon as possible!
Hope things are still going well for you. We are still wishing you well and a speedy recovery.
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