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So, I hang out with this friend of mine a bit. I've posted about having an accident on his couch, inflatable mattress, and last night I woke up wet on his computer chair. My jeans were soaked, and I just took an Uber home at 130am. Third time I've done it at his place. When I wet on the couch, I steam cleaned it, and flipped it over, formed mold. He bought new couches. Last night they said they knew it was me. I kind of just left this time, but im worried his roommate saw. I dont know why I keep doing this. Hella embarrassing. Just acted like nothing was wrong in the Uber, and put my Hoodia under me. I like to wear abena M4s at night when home, as I live alone. Don't know if that's effecting anything. I'm sure I'm going to get a pissed off call this morning 🙃
I'm just so sick of this happening. Nighttime wetting has become more common for me. Like I almost don't want to hang with the boys anymore.
Just needed to vent about the whole thing. It's the 4th time I've wet myself in front of friends. Thanks yall.