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So I was going to get Christmas trees with a coworker and her daughter called her about something she wanted for Xmas... I knew the daughter she was talking to is 16, when they hung up she said she wanted a onesie! After a stunned minute, I was like "where they sell them that big?". According to her my local walmart has adult sized Onesies. Has anyone seen this elsewhere? Is it a holiday thing? Will this last? Will I miss out on them if I don't go now? Are they shit quality? All girly styled? I had so many questions for her and she's cool, but I'm not gonna out myself on a moments notice, lol. Maybe you all can answer some of those questions. Probably got a walmart employee among us somewhere. The first thing I thought to ask her was " wouldn't a onesie chafe sensetive areas without a diaper on?" lmfao
I believe the "onesie" they're referring to are "footed sleepers", not the " hold a diaper against you" kind.

The footed sleepers they have in stock are "meh" quality. Good if you don't already have one, but not particularly great. They have them in both men's and women's styles in adult sizes. MANY different kinds to choose from.
Yes Walmart does sell PJ onesies some are even footie sleeper onesies. They have some patterns that are even suitable for boys. The sizes are for woman, I found I had to go up two sizes for a man with diapers. The quality is not that bad. They are a little light for the climate I live in but for warmer areas they would be fine I would think. The price is good for what you get. There are on-line places that sell adult PJ onesies for around $70 that use heavier fabric.
Onesie is currently the most common term used in the UK for one-piece pyjamas, whether footed or footless. What Americans called onesies - snap crotch t-shirts - are generally called infant bodysuits in the UK. I am rather surprised that the UK use of the word onesie has spread to the US, given how well-established the brand-name is in America.
I know a friend of mine so daughter came home from the mall and had bought a union suit from "Rue 21",for 10 bucks,have not seen it in person,however I do know it lacks a "door". This girl should know about onesies and sleep suits though because her mom wears some with her diapers.
This one target that used to be in Bonita Springs used to sell adult onesies, both for men and women. My mom almost got me some, wish she had. That way I could've just worn diapers underneath them around my family and play it off as me wearing some of my more thicker briefs or something. Oddly enough, my mom has been calling me 'baby' more often and I am pretty sure she has spotted me padded up at night.
shrike said:
I believe the "onesie" they're referring to are "footed sleepers", not the " hold a diaper against you" kind.

I'd wager that's right as well
bambinod said:
I'd wager that's right as well

In retrospect, it's almost a certainty she was referring to a footed sleeper. Glad I didn't question further. I know there are footed sleepers from places online that are way better quality than can be found in walmart. Her terminology threw me off thanks for bringing me back on track.
I was at Target today and saw Superman and Batman sleepers in the MENS department. Complete with detachable cape, but no feet. They were pretty cool. The only problem I have with "store bought" sleepers is that the zipper only goes down to the belly button or so, not the ankle like some others. Makes changing my diaper more of a task. And the fact that I'm 6'2" makes it hard to find one that is long enough in the body and arms.
I once saw one with the classical snaps down there. Not sure where though.
I just get my onesies from XPmed, little pricey but they're real good for me.
There seems to be a lot of different terms [in the US] lately for one piece PJs and Bodysuits these days.

PJs : Footed Sleeper, Footed PJs/Pajamas, Blanket sleeper, unionsuit/union suit, One piece, Onesie.
Best places: Kmart/Sears [Joe Boxer brand] + others. In both kids [up to XL 14/16] & adult sizes.
Target [kids] Circo brand GREAT! But too bad they no longer come in the XL 14/16 size :(
Seems this year most adult ones, and a lot of kids ones have hoods, eww, no, nope, don't like it, not for me.

Bodysuits: Bodysuits, Body suits, onesies, one piece, shaper.
I've found some great [& inexpensive] bodysuits at Forever21, although most of them do not have a snap crotch [something customers have complained about] and it seems they are more of Spring/Summer/Fall, but oddly enough, not winter item on there site. Although they do sometimes not have any listed which I've found usually means they are coming out with a new line.
Jc penny has heavier duty footed pj for men and women, the Walmart ones seem very thin polyester material (like a costume) the jcpenny ones seem like real night time pj's, I'm going to get a few after Xmas when they have a big sale again, also they are plain colors no patterns
silentdreamer1996 said:
I once saw one with the classical snaps down there. Not sure where though.

The traditional ones (talking the red ones from the 1800's) had a button-on "back door" to let you use the outhouse without strippig off your underjams. Those are still around, but with snaps. The men have less of an issue if they can just unzip for a midnight piss, but the women are usually not so lucky. (it's quite possible for a woman to pee forward while standing at a urinal, without mechanical assistance, it just requires proper technique that unfortunately most women aren't aware of) Obviously useful for #2 also without stripping.
She thinks about footed onesie or footed PJ. These sites are excellent:
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