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I have a onesie and I really like the snug fit of it. I like that it keeps the diaper in place as well. I don't like the buttons at the bottom. Because I like them pretty snug, they tend to unfasten. Anyone have any recommendations? I don't care for patterns, solid colors are preferred. Thank you.
I mostly wear these:

They are light weight and fit quite well for me, they can add additional buttons to the snaps if you ask in the initial order, if you order more than one of the same kind, they have a discount. It's fairly quick turnaround time as well. They also have special ones that make the diaper harder to get at (designed for those who dig into their diapers). The only other ones that I have found fit me well are the 4care ones that XP Medical has, but I found them to be a bit too thick for the warm days I have in the South.
Metal snaps work wonders, they last long and don't rub on your leg badly as some of those plastic snaps do. They are stronger than plastic and the metal snaps don't rip from the fabric like plastic ones.

I'll second the 4care onesie at XP Medical. They have a strong fabric, metal snaps, and they keep things nice and snug. If you're on the higher half of the size, move up one size to account for diapers as thick as you plan on wearing.
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A onesie is AB attire. You sure you're not an AB?

Not necessarily. Some DLs like me like a snug fit with no diaper sag. I lace my diaper front and rear wings with ¼" elastic to accomplish this. Two other alternatives are a onesie or medical suspenders, though I have purchased neither at this point.
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Sounds like you're splitting hairs. I get that DLs use onesies for functional purposes but a onesie is widely used and recognized as AB attire. So why not identify as an AB as well?

Eh? None of the onesies I have could be considered "AB attire". They're not marketed towards ABs either.

You might as well say that a diaper is "AB attire", so all DLs should just call themselves ABs... :-/
I think there are enough people that wear onesies simply becaue they really don't want to have a shirt come untucked and expose their underwear, to say that it's not a 1:1 correlation with being an AB.
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Sounds like you're splitting hairs. I get that DLs use onesies for functional purposes but a onesie is widely used and recognized as AB attire. So why not identify as an AB as well?

Because I am not an AB in the least. Paci's, stuffed animals, cartoons and other child programs, or children's toys do not do anything for me - in fact they are off-putting. I am not dissing the lifestyle, I am only stating that this is not me nor for me.
I have a few Body suits, from, They are light weight, have 4 Stainless steel snaps, come in solid colors, and are quite stretchy. I have 1 long sleeve, 4 short sleeved and 4 tanks. I prefer them to the other onesies that are on the market. Not to say I don't have several other oneses that I don't wear that often.
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As stated above, where do you draw the line? I mean if that's the case the differences in culture and attire really comes down to a matter of perspective. Makes me wonder why we even have the separation of culture in the first place when something as commonly used with ABs like a onesie no longer makes you an AB more than the next item that is a defining difference for that culture.

I agree there can be difficult hairs to split and they're best split by the people involved. This isn't one as far as I see. There are practical onesies and babyish onesies. If you only like the practical ones, there's no hint of AB stuff. If you like the babyish ones, there's probably some fire with that smoke. Until you can find a practical purpose for frilly stuff, I think that's a pretty clear indicator (until informed otherwise) that there's something sissy or LG going on there.

I think even a pacifier can be an eye of the beholder thing, although aside from the rave scene, the people using them for non babyish purposes is pretty small. I do see it as an AB thing for myself, although I don't generally find it regressive. It's more a sensual thing and sometimes I wind up using it just because I like it and not because of any AB associations that I can observe.

I think the best way about it is to ask the person if you're confused, since it's not like these are scientific labels. I consider myself ABDL as a single, indivisible unit but we have people who clearly identify as just one or the other. I do think these labels have value but we shouldn't be hamstrung by them.
Didn't intend to start a debate. AB doesn't interest me. I just like the diaper to be snug and secure. The compression part of the onesie is something that surprised me. I have found that it comforts me. The best way I can explain it is to watch the movie "Temple Grandin". She, having autism, invents a box that simulates hugging. It's not a sexual device, it just calms her down and comforts her. I find that the onesie does the same for me. Make of that what you will. Thanks for the suggestions as well. Also, you should all be less concerned about labeling each other. I was a bit surprised to see that here.
Not so much labeling as defining. As you just pointed out, wearing a onesie for snug fit comfort does not necessarily mean one has AB tendencies.
Most of my t-shirts are snap-crotch type. If the snaps don't work (after several years on some of them) I just use a safety pin to hold the front to the back after I put it on. It helps keep the diaper from sagging and from showing around the waist.
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