One of the reasons why I don't need pampering

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I'm sorry I have to post this. I'm speechless
First this
My wife wrote me a 'letter' and it ended with this drawing
Her answer to my drawing which 'signed' my blogpost

The day after (yesterday) I was sitting in front of my computer watching a TV show, she approached me out of the blue, handed me this
and said
"Here, for my little boy"
You can't imagine how much joy I felt, and still do. My eyes started to shine and I couldn't do anything else but give her a long and firm hug. It filled me deeply with a fluttery wellbeing that still lasts to this moment.
I am speechless about the fact how much of an emotional impact such a small gesture can have.

Again I want to shout out a big thanks to the whole community and to Moo and the whole team.
Without you all, I wouldn't be where I am today. Without you, I propably never had built up the courage to talk about this with my wife.

I don't care if she takes part in my kinks or in my regressions. But I do care that she cares. I am so thankful that she is accepting me who I am and all I am feeling right now is love for the whole world.
If this HTML page was paper, you could see that I was tearing up when I wrote this.

Thank you everyone
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What a beautiful post. I am brand-new here and you got me all teary-eyed and full of feels. :)

So happy for you and with you. I am working up the courage to discuss my little side first with my therapist, then my husband. We have a wonderful marriage, he has always loved me completely unconditionally and has supported me wonderfully so far through 3 years of recovery from mental illness; I know he will probably be fine with it and even openly support me, but it's still scary and I have intense fear of rejection from my past (even though he has never rejected me in any way). I hope my experience will be as happy as yours. In just the short time I've spent reading, I can tell this is a caring, supportive community and I am happy and relieved to be here.
That is so sweet. I teared up too. That drawing is very cute :)

@sallieemma28, I wish you the best of luck on talking about it.

I would be so scared to talk to anyone that I know about this, my family is not understanding at all of anything other than their set ways. So I'll be a closet DL/LG until I find someone who can understand it, and I'm fine with that :)
Fantastic! Congratulations.
Most awesome!!
You are a lucky little boy.
I find that it's so rewarding to be affirmed in this little quirk of ours. My wife will sometimes call me her little baby, etc. It really feels good.
Happy for you bud, everyone should be able to find someone who loves them regardless of our percived flaws
I am really happy for you. I wish I could find someone like your wife in my life. Best
Congrats, hope things continue going well.
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